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Nov 14, 2013 01:54 AM

End of November Itinerary

I've been lurking on the board for a bit now (sorry I haven't posted!) and have put together a culinary "itinerary" for while I'm in New Orleans. I'd love input on what we're going, as well as suggestions if we should change things.

I'd also love thoughts on truly great cocktail bars. Is Kingfish any good? We had been to Bar UnCommon while Chris McMillan was there, and it was fantastic, does Kingfish have the same appeal? Or has he stepped away? Is Arnaud's French 75 still excellent? Where else is new and delicious?

A couple of things before I get to the itinerary:

1. I'm a chef, but that doesn't (at all) mean I only want fine dining. I do love well executed fine dining, but I also enjoy amazing more "rustic" cuisines.
2. My wife and I have been to New Orleans several times. We went on her 21st birthday, we've been for Christmas, we spent our Honeymoon there, and we're back for her 30th. It's a city we're pretty familiar with, and clearly can't get enough of.
3. In general (though not always) I would prefer someplace that can also make a decent cocktail. Sure, we'll head to Arnaud's or Cure or wherever afterwards for a cocktail, but if we can get a nice one to start the nice, that's a great bonus.

On to the itinerary.

Sunday 11/24 - Restaurant R'evolution
Monday 11/25 - Stella!
Tuesday 11/26 - (Lunch) La Petite Grocery
Tuesday 11/26 - (Dinner) Sylvain
Wednesday 11/27 - Coquette
Thursday 11/28 - Restaurant August (Thanksgiving)
Friday 11/29 - Restaurant Patois
Saturday 11/30 - Bayona

We're still looking for some great lunch spots, and almost all of this is subject to change if you all have great insights. What are we missing?!

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  1. Nothing? Does that mean I nailed it? Do you need more info?

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    1. re: Gavin499

      I don't know how you're going to have room for these dinners if you eat lunch at all, but you could try Boucherie, Root, Cochon Butcher, Green Goddess, or one of the great po boy shops for lunch.

      Domenica and Luke both have great happy hours, as does Kingfish.

      Cure makes good cocktails, if you're out that way. Cane and Table might tempt you. French 75 is always good. You might want to try Bar Tonique, too.

      Just some ideas. Hope you have fun.

    2. Do you have reservations? Thanksgiving week is also the week of the Bayou Classic, a football matchup between HBCUs Southern U and Grambling U. It brings tens of thousands of fans to the downtown area, culminating in the game on Saturday afternoon. Traffic restrictions usually go into effect on Fri/Sat nights in the downtown/Canal St area. Here's the event schedule:

      So be prepared for lots of fellow visitors in town, rather than a "sleepy" holiday week visit. F & S, definitely make reservations.