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Nov 13, 2013 10:45 PM

Trattoria Toscana Chef/Owner Change?

On the current Suburban Italian CH thread, this new Salem place, Firenze Trattoria, was mentioned and google took me to a Salem Patch mention here:

<Chef Zamir Kociaj, formerly of Boston's Trattoria Toscana, said he is aiming to bring a taste of Tuscany to Salem with the opening of his Florentine-style eatery.>

Isn't this the Trattoria Toscana chef/owner? Did he sell his Boston place?

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  1. I'm not privy to the details, but my understanding is that Kociaj left Trattoria Toscana over a year ago, and his (possibly ex-) wife has been running the show there since. I have been anxiously waiting for more details of Zamir's new place in Salem, as he's one of my local favorites. To my surprise, it looks like Firenze Trattoria has been open since September.

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      I had dinner at Firenze last week. Very nice space. The chicken liver crostini was probably the best I've had. Also had a nice Florentine style tripe dish with just enough barnyard funk to let you know what your eating. Wife had the Ribollita and ravioli with meat Ragu, both delicious. Service was great as well, I believe it is the Chef's brother from Trattoria Toscana that runs the front of the house?

      A great addition to the North Shore and will definitely be in our rotation.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        It's fantastic. I went there the other week while visiting my mother. Very friendly, great wine, good food. I hope it survives. It's location, while downtown, is on a street that doesn't get much foot traffic

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          I agree with what has been said. We went tonight and experienced great wine, great service and great food. The room is reminiscent of Trattoria Toscana (unfortunately no basement restroom though!!), and so is the menu. I think it is worth the trip outside of the city, even though Toscana seems to be holding its own.

        2. Interesting side note: an industry colleague of mine has been back to Trattoria Toscana a couple of times recently, says that its kitchen now features two cooks from Florence, and the food and service are still excellent. That's hearsay, of course, but I trust the source.