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Nov 13, 2013 09:12 PM

Delray Beach with an infant?

Hey all,

We'll be in Delray Beach for a few days for a wedding, staying at the Marriott. Usually, I'd have my trips planned out meal-wise, but that's now a little hard to do, given our little one.

Any suggestions for great (or good) eats in the area, friendly to a stroller and (hopefully!) sleeping baby?

Going to see if we can get down to Miami for a day, need to do a little more research there, but assuming our options will be a bit more plentiful there.


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  1. Don't see why anywhere should be a problem along Atlantic Ave as everything is on the first floor. Right across from the hotel are Bostons, Luna Rosa and Burger-Fi.
    Walking west on Atlantic you have a little pizza take out place, Baskin Robbins, then across the bridge onto the main part of Atlantic are plenty of cafes and restaurants. The Blue Anchor Pub is an easy walk and very casual, Cafe Martier is nice, there are Italian, steak, seafood restaurants a plenty.

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      This time of year especially you can dine outdoors almost everywhere on the Ave - which IMO tends to be a bit more casual and forgiving of potential distractions such as a baby.

      And if things turn bad for a moment, its easy to get up and go for a little walk.

      I don't know that there's anything mind-bogglngly good on or near The Ave. Delray is a small town, and it doesn't lend itself to cutting edge cuisine like you'll see in Miami. It's much easier - and generally safer from a business standpoint - to simply cater to conservative locals and tourists.

      But some of my favs for pretty good food, service and atmosphere include Park Tavern, 32 East, Dada, Max's Harvest, and Brule.

      If you just want to try a really good Neapolitan pizza, you could hit Scuola Vecchio for lunch.

      (Omitting the very romantic and intimate Sundy House here).

      With a baby in a stroller, of those, I would reco Park Tavern (outdoors) and Dada (outdoors). An outdoor table, in the evening, at Park, would be my top reco for you.

    2. Already here (it was a last minute request!).

      So far, we've gone to a few places -

      I guess this is a chain? Pretty decent burgers, onion rings, fries, ice cream desserts. Nothing I'd go out of my way for, but you could definitely do worse.

      Pizza Rustica
      Pretty casual place, you pick your slices from the display counter, they reheat them in an oven. Had been recommended to us by a few folks. Lots of selection, very vegetarian friendly, portions are huge (and cheap). Unfortunately, I found it thoroughly mediocre. Wouldn't return.

      Bamboo Fire Cafe
      Caribbean food. Seating was easy, since we could sit outside with the stroller (CFByrne, you're right, most of these places seem to have outdoors tables, so that really opens up the options). I enjoyed this place. We had a jerk pork plate and a veggie curry plate. They were served with sides of roti, fried plantains, okra fried rice, and a salad. The veggie curry was packing some serious heat, they don't shy away from the spice (I was expecting things to be toned down a bit for the location). Service was a little hit and miss, but that was ok, it's a family-run place. Wish I was there with a larger group so we could have tried more things.

      Coffee District
      Just thought I'd mention this place, it's a coffee bar, but also had a fantastic beer list, with plenty of taps and bottles available to go. I picked up a few things to bring home.

      (Marriott breakfast buffet - pretty poor and overpriced, though that was expected. You're paying for convenience!)

      Still need to fit in another meal or two, will report back if anything noteworthy. Thanks for the recs!

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      1. re: nsheth

        Also went to Lemongrass Asian Bistro. Pretty average, nothing to write home about. Fusion-y sushi rolls and Thai food, serviceable but nothing memorable.

        (Oddly, there seemed to be a bunch of places in the area that had this sushi-thai combo. Is this something common? Curious why that is!)