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Jun 5, 2005 07:14 PM

[DFW] Jin Mi Korean - Plano

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After passing by this restaurant several times on our way to the almost adjacent (and also very good) Pho Que Huong, we decided to try Jin Mi for lunch yesterday. I'm very glad we did.

Jin Mi is a small, unassuming and very casual place with a broader menu than the only other Korean restaurant I am aware of in Plano, Korean Garden (reviewed previously). Jin Mi also is a self-contained space, as opposed to Korean Garden's unusual dining room arrangement: shared space with a sushi restaurant, a cosmetics store and the interior windows of May Hua supermarket and bakery.

Jin Mi has many of the Korean "standards," such as Bi Bim Bap, Kimchee Soup, Bul Kol Gi, Korean Barbecued Short Ribs and Jap Chae. We tried a Seafood Pancake for an appetizer (it generously served three), Bul Kol Gi and Jap Chae. The dishes we tried on Saturday had high-quality ingredients, very good taste, and some subtle textures and flavors that I haven't found in my past experiences with Korean food. (Disclosure: I have not yet been to Korea, and my experience is limited to restaurants in Chicago, New York and the Dallas area.) All of the dishes we ordered were in the $8 - $10 range.

The panchan -- the small "free" side dishes served with the main course -- included a "gringo" (i.e., not at all spicy) kimchee, pickled gherkins with chili sauce, dried "baby" anchovies, a fairly standard potato salad (which seems to make its way onto Korean tables in many places), lightly pickled bean sprouts and two or three others. They were all fresh and very tasty.

The English-language menu has very good descriptions of the many dishes. There were also three specials on a chalkboard, described in Korean characters. The menu includes a number of lunch specials, served Monday through Friday. Our server spoke English like a native, and I am sure he would have been happy to discuss preparations and ingredients if we had asked.

I am eager to return and try some of the less familiar dishes, including the fairly broad selection of fish and shellfish. I also want to find out whether they have dishes prepared on tabletop stoves, which are common in some Korean restaurants.

I highly recommend stopping by.

Jin Mi Korean Cuisine
2727 W. 15th Street (in shopping center at the NE corner of Independence)

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  1. Nice report, Kirk. If you get back for bulgogi or other tabletop grill items, keep us posted.


    1. s

      Kirk, just wondering about their selection of Bi Bim Bap. Did they have many to choose from or just the regular beef, and did you see if it was served in teh stone bowl? Thanks!

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      1. re: simply_victoria

        I think they serve tofu, pork and kimchee versions. I can't vouch for the stone bowl, but I believe it's either that or a cast iron one. Korean Garden serves theirs in cast iron, btw.

        1. re: Kirk

          Thats interesting because Naan serves theirs in stone, and I believe the owner of Naan is the son of the owners of Korea Garden (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). I just like how the rice gets all crunchy in the stone bowl.

          I love Korean food. Need to go out and get it again sometime soon!!

        2. re: simply_victoria

          I have eaten at both Jin Mi and Korean Garden many times. Korean Garden beats Jin Mi hands down for Bibimbap easily.

          That being said Jin Mi beats Korean Garden for other items like fish and they have a nice Bento style lunch

          1. re: irodguy

            I agree with you about the bibimbap at Korean Garden, and about the other items at Jin Mi.

            Within the last couple of months, I've noticed a new crew of staff at Jin Mi; don't know if ownership has changed hands or not. The quality of the food is still good, though, and it remains my favorite for Korean food in Plano. (Naan is too fusion-y for my taste, and I don't see a reason to pay two to three times as much for the same dishes.

        3. I found a great resource for anyone interested in exploring Korean food.


          1. Nice find, Kirk! I was on that side of town during lunch and decided to go for the $4.99 bulgogi lunch special. Very good indeed! And came with 6 different panchan (banchan). I will definitely be revisiting, especially at those lunch prices!

            1. Another happy customer. I took the family their last night and everyone loved it. We had the Kimchee Soup, Mandu, Bul Go Ki, and the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop. The Kimchee Soup was a bit too spicy for our taste, but the Mandu and the Bul Go Ki were outstanding. The Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop wasn't bad either - good flavor but a little light on everything but rice. I also had the rice wine which was interesting. This was my first korean experience, so I am no expert, but I enjoyed it.