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Nov 13, 2013 07:19 PM

Recommendations for family friendly restaurants in Vancouver over Thanksgiving (US)

So my extended family will be gathering Vancouver this Thanksgiving for a change of scene. So what are some good places for dinner? We're looking for western cuisine, kid friendly, price $10-$40 entrees = OK. NOT looking for turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but interested in good food.


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  1. How old are the kids? I take my two girls (ages 5 and 2) to Rocky Mountain Pizza. The girls love it there and the food is quite decent.

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    1. re: waylman

      We'll have to check it out. Kids are 11 and 9 and love pizza, as do I.

    2. How big will the group be ? What types of ambiance are preferred ?

      That may influence your options.

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        5-8 adults and 2 kids. We're on vacation so we're looking for sit down, casual relaxed vibe, good service, takes reservations, noisy is OK, e.g. French bistro or family style Italian or tapas etc.. We'll probably be eating at a lot of Asian places during the week so I was looking for something different for a few dinners.

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          Where part of town will you be in, and will you have a vehicle ?

          1. re: LotusRapper

            I believe we are in the middle of downtown Vancouver, near the intersection of Robson and Burrard. We will have a cars.

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              Yew in the Four Seasons Hotel gets lots of thumb-ups on CH and elsewhere. Your pp budget would allow for them:



              They even have a US TG dinner memu, but I know you're not looking for that. Maybe the kiddos will actually want turkey at last minute. At least you'll have that option :-D


              1. re: LotusRapper

                Tks, this looks like it's just the ticket. If there are any other recommendations I'll take them too!

      2. seeing as US-turkey day is a normal business-day THU up here in BC ... some of the downtown places closed on wkds will be open! so if you're out for a walk around the beautiful Coal Harbour seawall (go NORTH on Burrard - look for Fairmont Pacific Rim or Pan Pacific Hotels over there) --- stop by Anatolia Express ---- this is VERY casual - easy to suit all tastes and ages

        we really like their freshly made peda bread and their hummos - and of course several of their other dishes

        again, it is very small and casual

        and what is the ice cream (proper name here please) place over there in the Fairmont Pacific Rim -

        fab views from that Anatolia Express area - watch the seaplanes land/take off ---- etc plus covered area if raining - good washrooms next to Anatolia Express

        continue WEST and up the stairs past some nice public art sculptures (large orca sculpture) twd Stanley Park (the Westin Bayshore is your visible landmark and place if you need taxi back to your hotel) - past Carderos and Lift (do i have those names correctly?) - and there is a Starbucks on the seawall at the Westin Bayshore - circle back on foot and walk home to hotel at Robson and Burrard. (on seawall make sure you note important diff betw pedestrian-walk/jog and bike lanes


        if you are at Burrard and Robson - there is an Urban Fare supermarket (go to this website and choose Shangri La location that has handy take out (choose your own) --- and sit-down area ---- very casual but for sure handy --- it is on Alberni St just west of Thurlow --- it also has decent bakery and the usual handy grocery items incl paper towel and soda water etc

        should i add that the BC Liquor store - our official vendor in BC - is over at Alberni and Bute ---- 768 Bute ---- it's a Signature store which means it looks nice and has extended hours - and i think an enhanced selection - remember, you are not in CA so the relative comparison might not be very meaningful ....

        Alberni St is what runs in to the WEST side (at Burrard) of the very legendary and recognizeable Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
        for sure do a pre-check re: YEW at the Four Seasons at Georgia and Howe

        if any in your group have a hankering for chocolates (the traditional filled cream type like See's - some age groups are big fans at this traditional time of year ; ) - old time Vancouver business (a regional chain) called Purdy's is in Pacific Center (under the Hudson Bay Company department store (kind of like a nice Macy's) at Georgia and Granville


        happy Nov Thxgiving to you and yours (we celebrate both sides of the border in our big family so we appreciate this time of year)

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Are you thinking of Bella Gelateria?

          Also for the OP, be sure to Google Map Anatolia's if you are going. I thought it was a bit hard to find and I live here :-). I asked for directions from a couple of people who worked in the same building and neither of them had the slightest clue what I was talking about.

          1. re: grayelf

            Many of them would know it as the pizza place they sell a lot of slices @ noon.