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Nov 13, 2013 04:47 PM

Secaucus?Meadowlands Convention Center?Cupcake Journey

Hi Am Coming to event at Convention Center, was looking for recs in the area, including someplace for lunch, and was even wondering if there was "foodie" shopping or outlet center nearby? Also saw this piece on stuffed cupcakes in Nutley/Totowa aera and was wondering if worth a side trip? Have car, GPS, driving from Westchester, so what's another few miles?

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  1. Secaucus really does not offer anything notable as a food destination...but nearby in Union City is Mi Bandera Restaurant and Supermarket....very notable among the Latin community

    If you are a fan of Tube Steaks....Rutt's Hut is also close by, but depending on the hour, traffic may be bad due to road construction.

    1. Haven't spent a lot of time in Secaucus recently, but I don't know of anything specific, special, etc. However, 15 to 20 minutes in every direction brings you a lot of different areas.

      If you head west, you start to head into the Rutherford/E. Rutherford area and so on. It's not a high-end steakhouse, but you might want to consider Steve's Sizzling Steaks (Rt. 17, about 15-20 minutes -- but in rush-hour traffic, don't even ask, LOL).

      Ditto on Rutt's -- an all-time classic hotdog joint.

      There is the new Sputino Wine Bar & Tapas in Clifton (right off Rt. 3), which is not far at all (again, note rush-hour traffic). It's in the Clifton Commons complex, and there's a few other spots there as well -- more the pub-grub type of places. Across the street in the Promenade complex is ZinBurger -- very good burgers, wine, drinks, etc.

      There's plenty more in that radius. You might want to look at some of the nearby towns and then post on those. It's a fairly densely/highly populated area so there's a lot of places.

      1. Secaucus is a wonderland of chains.
        Closer and better options:
        Very good cupcakes at in Rutherford. Excellent Mexican at Fiesta Hut in East Rutherford (mole on anything)!

        Very good NJ pizza at Mr. Bruno's in Lyndhurst, where you can also find the Lyndhurst Bake Shop for real-deal Italian pastries and biscotti.

        1. Stuffed Cupcake iin Nutley - 231 Franklin Ave - much closer. Not sure they're worth the trip though.

          Secaucus outlet center was great in the 1970s - now not so much.

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            Saw stuffed cupcake on TV, looked like something else to do. I remember being tortured by my mother going from one outlet to the other looking for coats - how many coats could one person have? Now I am the same way! LOL

          2. Getting in and out of the Secaucus covention center is confusing enough for area residents ( take a wrong turn out and you are heading back to the Tunnel ) but at lunch time with the road construction getting ready for the super bowl might really be a major traffic logjam waiting to happen and take up most of your lunch hour , especially if its on a work day . If time is unlimited then perhaps go exploring . If you do go to Union City either on purpose or because you cant get over to the correct lane , Mi Bandera is interesting but in my opinion best enjoyed with others . I am not a fan of Rutts hut at all and also it is out of the way but many people love it . I have been avoiding rt 3 at all costs for a year now due to construction .Its a nightmare .

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              thanks for the traffic heads up, but it will be a weekend, and am going for pleasure/craft thing, so there is no lunch "hour", just lunch for as long as I want.

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                Then just be sure you're not getting on Rt 3 when the Giants or Jets are about to play or a game is letting out! Everything saltylady said is true--traffic in the Secaucus-Clifton corridor is 10x worse than it ever was b/c of the construction. She's also right about the maze that is the area around the convention center.

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                  good point about football, wasn't even thinking about that, and was going to go on sunday while husband watches football

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                    Once the game starts you're golden!