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Nov 13, 2013 04:36 PM

thai markets with carry-out & prepackaged food

I shop at the Silom market in Hollywood pretty often but I've never paid much attention to the refrigerator case that houses various clamshells of cold noodles, dumplings and salads, but a while back I happned to grab one that had what looked like giant potstickers, not seared, stuffed with pork, mushrooms and veggies. They were fantastic and only $3. Since then I've tried the bbq pork, chicken satay, curry buns and some interesting noodle dishes. They sometimes have different items near the checkout line at room temp if you're daring.

Are there other markets in the area with similar offerings? Has anyone tried things like the coconut taro pudding?

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  1. I've never seen the assortment Silom has at another Thai market, but that might be because they also own the restaurant upstairs (and LAX-C), so it's easy for them to prep and bring downstairs.

    They've made individual serving sizes of the coconut fish custard in banana leaves to order for our parties. They have lots of stuff you can't even find in some restaurants like Miang Kham. The Northern sausage in their freezer case (in foodsaver package, no ingredients listed) is some of the best I've ever had.

    Thanks for the reminder. It's time for me to get back there.

    1. repetitive, but: LAX-C. The "Express" has all types of fresh curry paste, khao man gai, etc., to go.

      1. LAX-C go on a weekend or before a Thai holiday and get cultured