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Nov 13, 2013 03:01 PM

Fruit tamales

Luckily for me I can find premade masa for tamales, and I more or less have an idea how to prepare it for regular meat or chicken tamales but what about fruit tamales? What would I add (if anything) to the masa to complement the fruit filling?

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  1. Nena, if you google "fruit tamales" there are lots of fun sounding ideas both on the FoodNetwork site and this Chow site. Some are expected spice additions, and some are a little unique, but it might be a good place to start! :-)

    1. I do flavored masa, either filled or not. Pineapple and strawberry are traditional. I have to find a blackberry recipe that is awesome. Sweet bean raisin was a total fail. When you buy your masa premade do you doctor it up?

      1. Sweet Corn Tamales are really good too though not really a Fruit.
        There are also recipes for Rasin-Lemon,Coconut and Pecans Etc.....

        1. Sweet tamales are typically colored by fruit puree added to the masa. You could also mix in some chopped fruit, raisins, and/or nuts for texture. Then sugar and whatever spices that go well with the fruit.

          Here's a Google Image search for "tamales dulces":

          The pages behind these images are mostly in Spanish. Even if you don't speak the language it might at least give you some visual inspiration.

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            Or use the Translate link to help understand

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              Thanks! and I do speak the language!

            2. I've seen strawberry tamales made. They added sugar strawberry syrup strawberry coolaid cinnamon black pepper to the masa and inside was cut sugared strawberries and strawberry preserves