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Nov 13, 2013 02:31 PM

soup advice

I am making a pureed celeriac and sage butter soup and am looking for ideas about how to give it a little subtle heat. Without some added oomph it tends to be a little bland.

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  1. White pepper?
    Raw minced garlic?
    Minced Banana Pepper??

    If you don't mind colour alteration - cayenne, or any pepper.

    1. Cayenne is my go-to in this type of case - it adds warmth without really leaving any other flavor.

      White pepper would be another interesting choice, but it has a distinctive flavor that you have to decide if you want in your soup.

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        For subtle heat without messing too much with the flavor, I'm with sandylc.

      2. I wonder if more salt or a tiny bit of umami flavor would amp up the flavor of this soup without adding heat? Think about a little bit of reconstituted mushroom broth (without the mushrooms) or some grated parmesan cheese.

        1. if you like a little smokiness, a dash of ancho chile powder is nice. Not hot but a smoky finish when you swallow it.

          1. I'm not one for heat. For extra oomph in my soups. I just top my bowl of soup with grated parma,or romano cheese. And drizzle with a little olive oil.I'd wait untill tomorrow and taste it again, maybe it does not need heat.