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Nov 13, 2013 02:08 PM

Tucson Thanksgiving

We need a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner in Tucson, for 11/28/2013. Three people. We'd prefer a non-buffet. Suggestions?

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  1. Give Primo at the JW Marriott at StarrPass a call - they've usually done special limited menus for Thxgiving. Also check Open Table. Or come over to our place - we have room for four more.

    1. Thanks for the invite. We booked Acacia. Nice menu (no buffet), they make a fine martini--important for me and my stepdad--and it's close to home.

      1. That sounds good! BTW: Maynard's is also an option (it's my 3rd fave resto in Tucson); every family-style dinner I've had there has been outstanding. Don't know about their martinis, though.

        1. great local place for T'giving or Xmas is Pastiche.