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Nov 13, 2013 01:55 PM

Where can I find frozen pearl onions Cleveland-Akron

Thread title pretty much sums up my question.
Haven't found any in about a half dozen markets so far....

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  1. I would email Birds-eye or any other frozen veggie company.
    If you give them your zip code they will get back to you with the closet location they distribute to.
    Works everytime....

    1. Metropolitan Market, a small place in Pepper Pike, near the I271 Chagrin exit, carries a lot of interesting frozen stuff. Definitely worth a call: .

      1. I regularly buy them at Heinens. If you ask the frozen foods manager, they will find them or order them for you.

        1. Not in Cleveland/Akron area, but just across the MI-OH state line. We found a load of 12 oz. bags of the frozen pearl onions at Kroger today. I think any of the Krogers, or their many subsidiaries would stock the product. Good luck in your search.

          1. Update: Found the little frozen guys in Giant Eagle Brunswick.
            As much as I hate Giant Eagle, I still gave 'em a couple of bucks for them.