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Citron or Buddha's hand

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Thinking about making my own candied citron, and would prefer to use citron or buddha's hand - something with a thick pith... (now I'm wondering if pomelo would work well?)

Has anyone seen either for a reasonable price in the cities?

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  1. Coops and Whole Foods have it, but I don't know the season. Oh, I think Dragon Star and other Asian grocers would carry it, probably a good bit cheaper too.

    Just had my first Finger Lime last weekend, I love exotic fruits.

    1. I have never ordered from Melisa's produce but they have an informative website. many local groceries sell Melisa's produce so maybe a special order of pomelo or B.hand could be arranged


      1. I think pomelo would be good sometimes it seems like they are all pith!

        1. You could try Sun Foods on University in St. Paul.

          1. Seward Co-op had some Buddha's Hand a few days ago.

            I would have replied earlier, but Chow doesn't work for mobile access (serious tankage has occurred on the design end of things). Bummer.

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              I only ever access Chow via my phone. Never had a problem.

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                Lucky you. For me, each page takes ages to load, then displays for a split second and goes blank. There's no way to reply, even if I could figure out what to reply to. I'm rarely at the "big computer" (except for tonight) and I don't have time to fight with the web site. So I'm an ex-chowhound for the most part.

                But that Buddha's Hand at Seward looked lovely. They had at least 4 or 5 on Tuesday...

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                What a fantastically weird-looking fruit! I saw them at Seward and was impressed; I wanted to purchase, but it was a bit too dear!

              3. Mississippi Market (West 7th location) had it on -- er, hand -- Sunday. Looked nice and fresh. I failed to notice the price, however. I would think pomelo would work, too, though the flavor would shift a bit away from lemony.