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Nov 13, 2013 01:02 PM

First Cut at 5 Days in N.O.

Any suggestions on changes or affirmations on what we have? I haven't been in over a decade. Two of us in New Orleans from January 2 to 7. We get in late on the 2nd (7:45 p.m. arrival at airport) and are staying in the Quarter at the Prince Conti. I made a 9:30 reservation at Cochon for that Thursday night.

Friday night I booked at Bayona, which is one of my old favorites. I really just want a bowl of the garlic soup.

Saturday, lunch at Commander's Palace and dinner at Emerils.

Sunday, Dinner at GW Fins.

Monday -- Dinner at Iris.

I've never been to GW Fins, Cochon or Iris and I'm not wedded to any of these places. We're not breakfast people, but we do have a few lunches to fill in too.

We won't have a car. Also, any know if St. Charles streetcar construction will be a problem in January?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. As of now the streetcar is fully running, but with short delays due to track maintenance. You have the option to take a bus instead if you're in a hurry. Check back with right before your trip for updates.

    1. Hey Chesapeake--

      What kind of food do you want to eat for lunch? What neighborhood do you want to visit?

      Sobou and Adelaide have cheap martini Commander's style lunches, and they're near you. Out in the Bywater there's Elizabeth's. Up by City Park on the streetcar is Ralph's. Down in the Irish Channel you can go to Tracy's, Parasol's, or Mahony's for a po boy. In Mid-City there's Katie's. In the Quarter you can try Sylvain (lunch/brunch Friday to Sunday). There's also Green Goddess, which I really like, myself.

      You going fancy at lunch? Light?

      I'm sure there'll be a lot of great suggestions from others, but there's my two cents.

      Have fun.