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Nov 13, 2013 12:27 PM

Bray Butcher Block and Bistro [San Pedro Square, San Jose]

Head's up, pastrami 'hounds! Have you tried Bray Butcher Block & Bistro? It says deli meats are cured in-house.


Bray Butcher Block & Bistro
100 N. Almaden Ave., Suite 182
San Jose, Ca 95110
(408) 418-3106

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  1. I've only had the sandwiches so far.

    Pastrami came on marbled rye. I asked for fatty, expecting NYC-style thick and juicy, but instead it was just incredibly sinewy. Not pleasant. Will order regular or even lean next time. Came with a generous side of slaw, and I added on the fried polenta, which was deliciously crisp and not oily, but very mild (says jalapenos on the menu).

    The corned beef came on dark rye. I ordered to-go and stupidly did not pop the lid, so it was soggy by the time I'd walked home. Certainly tastier than the pastrami, but nothing earth shattering. Side of to-go slaw was teeny.

    Judging by what other folks have ordered, the BBQ looks like a surer bet.

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    1. re: stravaigint

      Was hoping to hear from you! Hmm, sounds like they might know how to cure meat but not how to steam it thoroughly.

      (I tried to avert my eyes, but too late, already read the words "roasted strawberry chipotle BBQ sauce".)

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        That BBQ sauce on the ribs was fine when I had it, nowhere near as sweet as I thought it might be. The ribs were pretty good overall, if not unforgettable.

        I had a similar, if somewhat more positive reaction to the pastrami. It wasn't tough or sinewy to where it was unpleasant to eat it, but it wasn't a positive enough experience that I tried it again the next time around. But I would give it another shot.

        I'm not a fan of the slaw, which is too bland and watery for my tastes. It took the texture and flavor out of the cabbage so much that I thought it was lettuce.

        1. re: maigre

          Glad I asked here.

          Besides the prepared food offerings, does this place have a butcher counter too that sells meat to cook at home?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            IIRC, they don't. There are some prepared meats that they sell by the pound, but I don't think they're selling raw cuts. I may be around there tomorrow. I'll take a look and get back if I am.