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Nov 13, 2013 12:04 PM

Sour salt

I was bequeathed a recipe for fantastic Sweet and Sour Cabbage soup but now I can't seem to buy Sour Salt anywhere. Not at Shaws, Roche's or Stop and Shop. Any other ideas? What is a good substitute for it? Anyone? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Did you look for it under its other name - citric acid?

    1. You can mail-order sour salt through King Arthur Flour. I wonder if Fruit Fresh would work as a substitute? Can't find much on the ingredients other than citric acid...

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        I went through this too, and discovered that citric acid is sour salt and I think I saw it at all markets in a shakable spice bottle form, but you can maybe buy the boxes too. I think a little lemon juice can work too but would affect the flavor

      2. Most kosher supermarkets would have it. If you live near Brookline, try the Butcherie. I've bought it there before.

        1. Tag's in Porter Square carries citric acid for canning under the Mrs. Wage's label.

          1. Thanks!! You all saved me a lot of foot work...I have fruit fresh right on my shelf. Given that this has 4 heads of cabbage and prodigious tomatoes, I am not too concerned about the little lemon flavor.

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              I figure tomatoes are so acidic these days that you probably don't need much more acid anyway. I think theres citric acid in a lot of canned tomatoes so a bit of that could work...