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Nov 13, 2013 12:02 PM

Chow-worthy food in Woodland Hills?

Just moved to Woodland hills from being a longtime Hollywood/Beachwood/Los Feliz resident and have no idea what's around. Any suggestions of interesting places for cheap eats, date night spots, kid-friendly restaurants, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Really, just about anything you like in Woodland Hills or nearby would help - I'm clueless in the valley. Oxnard and Fallbrook is the area I'm in.....

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      1. re: kevin

        Panini Cafe
        21600 Victory(at Canoga I think)
        I highly recomment the chicken kabobs.
        Welcome to the SFV!

      2. Check out the Woodland Hills Market for great groceries and a wonderful selection of Middle Eastern foods...including wonderful Sangak (Iranian/Persian sourdough flatbread) baked right on site. They also have prepared 'deli' type foods including dolmas, sandwiches, more.The place looks like a typical small grocery store from the outside but it is that and much, much more.

        1. Karlos and Kokes and El Tapatio are pretty good for Mexican.

          1. Brent's Deli is one of the best in LA and just a few minutes away in Northridge. Try the Black Pastami Rueben.

            1. After living in WH for a few years, I feel qualified to say that the food choices are really lacking. It's a wasteland of chains and horrible independent restaurants that somehow manage to stay in business.

              That being said, there are a few places of note:

              Go's Mart in Canoga Park is probably the single best dining experience in that part of the Valley. It's recognized as one of the best sushi spots in all of LA. It is in no way cheap eats. I can't tell you first-hand, though, because I was never able to make it there for one reason or another. (For a cheaper sushi fix, there are about 10-12 nondescript sushi bars along Ventura that are all kind of the same and none really stand out.)

              The Carving Board in Tarzana does nice gourmet-style sandwiches, especially "The Bentley" and "The Appetizer" (half order).

              More Than Waffles (Encino) and CiCi's (Tarzana) are both great for breakfast. More Than Waffle has great Belgian-style waffles that basically come as a side to everything they serve. CiCi's does most things well, but is pretty pricey for what it is. Their "Super Duper French Toast" is probably my favorite thing on the menu.

              El Tapatio in West Hills just up the street from you is a really good hole-in-the wall Mexican place. It's the type of place where you think you're going to get sick, but it's still worth it. The parking in the tiny corner strip mall is horrible, though. Better to park in the Albertson's lot and walk.

              Stonefire Grill also up the street from you, while does not qualify as good BBQ, is okay at what it does and probably your best best for a kid-friendly family dinner.

              The weekend AYCE buffet at Royal Delhi Palace in West Hills is the best of the North Indian places in the area and a great deal.

              This list definitely makes me glad I don't live there anymore...