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Nov 13, 2013 11:59 AM

Holiday Party for 28


Thanks so much for all your help for a venue near 30th. Now we are looking farther afield along the Regional Rail line in Manyunk and Montgomery County: Conshe, Ambler or other stops along the Lansdale/Doylestown line (R5?).

I looked into Cooper's Wine Bar. I am not looking for a seated dinner. Small plates with people mixing with plenty of seating, as needed, is more what we are looking for. I am shooting for $90 per person including tax and tip.

Thanks again!!

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  1. I'd suggest upstairs at The Goat's Beard on Main St. I've had solid food there, definitely of the small plates, sharing variety, and they have one of the, if not the, best selection of bourbon in the region. I think the upstairs could be perfect for that amount of people.

    1. and I should note that the menu is more adventurous than most places, and certainly most in manayunk and out that way.

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        1. Ambler has a few options within a few blocks of the R5 train station, depending on the type of menu you're looking for.

 (It's a steakhouse, but it also has small plates, a nice atmosphere and is less than a block from the station.


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            Choices noted by gaflk in Ambler are an easy walk from the R5 Ambler station as is From the Boot(Italian) a pleasant, busy place with a large grotto room for your party of 28 while easily under $90 per.

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              Yes, I meant to add From the Boot.

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              Bridgets might be a good choice. I've emailed them. From the Boot is booked on the night we have settled on. I was also told about Ralph's of South Philly in King of Prussia. They supposedly have a nice space for parties.

              Thanks all!!

              PS Have heard underwhelming things about Dettera's food and in looking online, the costs are more than I am wanting to pay.

            3. The train that goes to conshy and manayunk is not the landale/Doylestown line that goes to ambler so you may want to check that out. Both lines go through 30th st.

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                And they don't use the R numbers anymore... lansdale doylestown is a good line and ambler is a great location because you have lots of places close to the train station.

                You also have the new bbq place the luck well which has a private dining room. And Forest and Main brewpub has a private room(s) upstairs that could accommodate 28.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  I really liked the look of the private space at the Lucky Well. But I was only there once and was a little underwhelmed by the food. Plus I'm not sure I'd want something as "messy" as BBQ for a holiday party.

                  (And for those of us of a certain age, trains are still R5, R8, etc ;)