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Gluten Free Friendly Lunch in New Haven?

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Taking my soon to be sister in law out to lunch this weekend but require a Gluten free friendly place in New Haven. Would prefer something other than Claire's Cornercopia....

Suggestions are welcome! Willing to go as far south as Milford or as far north as North Haven... thanks in advance.

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  1. I think Bentara can accommodate gluten free.
    Maybe one of the soups with rice noodles.
    Chicken Rendang I think is also gluten free.

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      thanks for the suggestion Chefstu that may work!

    2. I don't know the actual menu at Bentara, but one thing to remember for GF eaters is that soy sauce & products are not GF. If the person only has an intolerance, the amounts can be small enough to avoid problems, but someone with celiac needs to be careful. Some restaurants have wheat-free tamari on-hand for these instances now. I have found that a phone call ahead of time to check can save trouble.

      1. Stone Hearth in the Westville section of New Haven has several gluten-free menu items.

          1. There's always the old standby of Claire's...plenty of gluten-free dishes!

            Added with edit:
            Oops.....sorry! Didn't see your Claire's statement......

            1. Café Romeo on Orange is a fabulous lunch spot boasting many GF menu items. They have great salads, soups, and hot foods daily; their sandwiches are all available on gluten free bread or rolls and their brick-oven flatbread gourmet pizzas are available on GF crust. There are several Indian and Thai buffet lunch buffets in New Haven which have a variety of GF foods. Also consider Abate (GF pizza crust), Marco Polo (GF pastas and pizza), Elm City Market (a healthy gourmet food market with a daily hot bar, salad bar, 4 soups, and deli offering GF options), or the taco trucks on Long Wharf, many of which use corn tortillas instead of flour.
              Good luck and enjoy lunching in this fab city!