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Nov 13, 2013 11:20 AM

Farmers Markets

Very funny take on this from English comedians Armstrong and Miller

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  1. That's HYSTERICAL!!

    I have a fairly large farmer's market nearby. Lots of non-food stalls?? All the clothes that teens (or should I say, their parents) pay a lot for the names... knock-offs??... maybe fell off the back of a truck?? Big flea market section, when "antiques" people try to sell the same stuff, week after week. An "Amish" market with nice baked good and meats.

    My pet peeve is claims that stuff is LOCAL?? When they have tomatoes, sweet corn, watermelons before MEMORIAL DAY and claim it's local NJ stuff... that's BULL!! Corn in field is only maybe a foot tall by then. NO decent tomatoes that aren't hothouse before well into summer.

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      Yeah, I've kind of wondered about the tomatoes I'm *STILL* seeing in suburban NY; my tomatoes in the garden gave up the ghost a good two months ago. Though I will say I have NEVER seen bananas! That would be hilarious.

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        Portland Farmer's Mkt here in OR, there are no non-food stalls. No "antiques". No flea market. If they are caught selling stuff they didn't grow, they are kicked out. Exception: they are allowed to sell 10% of their product from neighboring farms, and must disclose that.

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          The part about the chair from Ikea cracked me up.

          The "amish" stands in my area sell made in China furniture. I know people assume it is made locally by real Amish as a friend of mine bought a dining room set and saw the made in China stamp after she got it home.

          The farmers markets in my area have no restrictions, anyone one who can pay the stall rent can sell. The off-season produce makes me shake my head too.

          There is one family that buys produce at the grocery store (I have seen them) and turns around and sells it at their stand on Saturday.

        2. I'm a huge FM fan and I found the video hilarious. I particularly liked the guy in the range rover pulling up and unloading his mustard.

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            That's Morten Harkett from A-Ha. He's mentioned in the lyrics at 1:32, and Take On Me plays while he's onscreen.

          2. It's certainly deadly accurate about a lot of "Farmers Markets" in the UK

            Most of them don't even have the "Eggs with s**t and feathers on"

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              Yeah I've visited a farmers market in central Ontario in April and found 'fresh strawberries' and 'fresh' local tomatoes. and 'fresh apples'. The saps from Toronto were lining up to buy.

              1. re: Puffin3

                On the face of it, "fresh" and "local" in April sounds ridiculous but in my area (DC), there is increasingly fresh produce grown in greenhouses in the FMs to extend the season. So F&L lettuce in January is actually feasible. Now, how good is it? YMMV

            2. That'll be the "credulous masses of the urban middle class" then


              1. We have some booths that sell prepared foods, the guy with the honey usually has candles, and the people with the sheep and goat cheeses will occasionally have yarn, but that's about it. The local market seems to define "local" as anywhere in the state, which, being California, covers a lot of ground. Most of the regulars are from within a hundred mile radius, but occasionally we'll get date farmers from further south.

                BTW, there are newer varieties of strawberries that will bear fruit most of the year in growhouses or mild climates (I've had berries in my yard in February (well, a berry)), so early fruits and veggies may very well be from where they claim to be.

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