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Nov 13, 2013 10:45 AM

Has Anyone Ever Roasted or Fried A Silky Chicken?

99 Ranch has silky chickens (the ones with the blue-black skin and flesh) on sale this week for $8.00 a bird. I've never cooked a silky before, though I am aware it is eaten in Asian countries a lot more than in North America, until lately when our Asian population has grown. I can ONLY find on-line recipes for (surprise surprise) Asian recipes using it.

My interest in whether it's a good bird for roasting and/or frying is because I'm so sick of buying Tyson, Perdue, etc agribusiness chickens that I can't see straight but I'm also too damned cheap to pay $16 to $24 for a free range organic chicken. Seems to me any silky chickens getting to market have probably never even heard of Tyson and that ilk!

So.... Has anyone ever roasted one of these chickadees? Fried it? How did it turn out? Thanks!

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  1. Here's a link to a black chicken thread that began in 2002 and ended just a few months ago. I prowled around looking at different threads, but don't see any mention of roasting or frying. I actually remember that 2002 thread and thinking "what next??"

    1. I have not but it has to be better than the toxin filled agribusiness birds you have been eating.
      Personali y find 15 dollars cheap for a good healthy bird from whom we get two meals for each of us., less than four bucks a meal.

      1. This is a tough bird - you'd be better of braising or sous-vide rather than roasting or frying.

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        1. re: wattacetti

          It would make an impressive chicky marengo!

          1. Thanks, everybody! And for the links too. Of the recipes I've found on-line, one of the calls for two chickens and something like FIFTY EIGHT cloves of garlic, and a baguette of French bread... Braise chicken and garlic, then spread the garlic on the bread and slice the chicken... Sounds like a great recipe next time I invite a vampire to dinner...

            The flavor sounds interesting. From another thread, avgolemono is dancing in my head. Granted, a weird color schemed avgolemono, but... Black chicken, I use carrots in mine, and maybe, as long as I'm in an Asian market, I'll pick up some gorgeous (green) bamboo rice, or maybe black rice (or would it clash with the chicken?) or.... or.... or....

            Yup. I think I'm gonna give these birds a try. I am really burned out on agri-chickens! I have an old recipe I created around 30 years ago for chicken breasts with zucchini and oranges that I haven't made in a while. I picked up a bag of frozen skinless boneless chicken breasts... The breast HALVES are the size of a small country ham! How many hormones did that take? So maybe we'll switch to silkies around here. Either that or I'm gonna start trying to convince the neighbors that my dog clucks and raise my own!

            Let's see...
            Rainbow avgolemono
            black chicken and spinach dumplings
            DARK coq au vin, or maybe white wine and call it black and white?
            And maybe bone a couple and sous vide a galantine????

            But I'll start with just a couple to be sure I like them....

            Again, thanks!!!

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              just to be clear and not that i am defending big ag in anyway, but birds are not given hormones. their feed contains low-level antibiotics, which accelerates growth. it was an unexpected side effect when they started dosing the birds a few decades ago and now is standard practice.

              canada allows this too. all bets are off if the birds are coming from china.

              the silkies are for braising or soups. they aren't suitable for roasting, baking or frying.

              1. re: Caroline1

                That sounds giid. I have brased it with garlic and caramelized mushroons and onions then served a mango pineapple chutney and risoto

              2. The first time I tried a silky I roasted it. It was awful, even though the flavor was good, because it was so tough. Makes a great chicken soup though. I love the blue bones!

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                1. re: EricMM

                  Good to know. Thank you! I'm thinking that the way that I make avgolemono just might work well with a silky. I put the chicken in a snug fitting lidded pot, toss in a rough cut onion and some carrots, then simmer the bird until it is nearly falling off the bone but still together enough to lift out and place in a roasting pan, then tuck it in a really hot oven to crisp the skin while I do the lemon and egg thing with the heavily riced broth. It's the method I picked up from Vaso, my landlady, when I lived in Greece. The rice "porridge" is served as the first course, then the chicken with the carrots tucked around it as the main. The silky flavor sounds fantastic... But how appetizing is crisped blue-grey skin going to look? Damn, I'm so full of food prejudices... Shame on me!

                  1. re: Caroline1

                    I'm curious whether you'll be able to crisp it up. We make soups out of the silky's all the time and the one thing I note is that it seems pretty lean, ie minimal fat layer under the skin. Just not sure if you'll be able to crisp it. But please let us know how it turns out!

                    1. re: FattyDumplin

                      do you eat the meat? or just use the birds as a broth ingredient?