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Nov 13, 2013 10:17 AM

New Year's Eve 2014 ideas Fairfield County, CT

Hello all. Anybody have any good NYE 2014, dining suggestions for Fairfield County / New Haven, CT area??


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  1. Last year we went to the Downtown Caberet in Bridgeport for a show and party. It was a lot of fun. I am not sure what they have this year but it should be on their website. Jay

    1. 13+ months away...seems a little early to ask.........

      all kidding aside, the sections in the newspapers that would have this info won't be running New Year's Eve 12/31/13 ads until after Thanksgiving

      1. Oooops, bagelman got me good :) How about NYE 2013 then!! LOL

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        1. re: rdonofrio

          most places won't make their New Year's eve details known until after Thanksgiving.

          Are you looking for just a fine dinner, or an all evening party with booze, music, dancing, favors?

          and what is you approx age? This makes a huge difference. My 20 somethings will party in SONO, but the club scene is not for this 60ish and wife

          1. re: bagelman01

            Yikes, a gentleman does not ask another gentleman's age!! I'm in the 50+ group, looking for quiet, nice dining, maybe some music, booze is not a deciding factor, as we will probably need to get home fast, as our car will turn into pumpkin shortly after the NYC Ball drops.

        2. Just a quick chime in, on this. I have been to Polpo (Greenwich) two New Year eve’s ago. Try and get preferred seating in the bar or on the ground floor so you have a view of the piano / live music happening. This request is not an easy one. They promised me, but we ended up, being upstairs.