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Nov 13, 2013 10:05 AM

I need help identifying a red pepper!

So I am trying to make this roasted pepper spread, called Ajvar (from the Balkans) and it's made by roasting the peppers then removing the skin and seeds and stuff, blending it up, and then cooking some more on the stove with olive oil and optional garlic. It tastes amaziiiinggg! So, I bought some red peppers for it a few days ago and tried to make a small batch to test it out, but it turned out SUPER duper spicy. Just like straigh up chilly taste. Ajvar is either not spicy at all or it can be different amounts of spiciness but definitelly not like this was. not to mention that I learned a valuable lesson to never try to remove skin and seeds without gloves!!!!!!!!! after that small batch I made, my hands were on FIRE for like 8 hours! nothing would provide relief, it was the worst 8 hours ever! I tried like 20+ rememdies to no avail. so today I went and bought some new peppers. I tasted one when it was fresh, not spicy at all!!! kind of sweetish, with the ever so slightly far in the distance spiciness. so I figured these are the right kind for sure. they look like all the peppers in photos of Ajvar making recipes (e.g. and they were not even spicy when fresh. but THEN I roasted them in the oven, cooled down and proceeded to peel the skin and remove seeds (with gloves, just in case). But then I decided to have a taste just to make sure and they were MEGA spicy again!!!!!!!!! I do not get it!!!!!!!!! they were not spicy at all when fresh, but turned super spicy after roasting. is this normal? I am attaching a photo of the peppers I bought. To me they look the same as the ones in recipe link. I guess if all else fails I will just get regular round red bell peppers. but I am curious if any of you can identify this pepper that I bought???

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  1. Mild New Mexican chiles would work.

    1. Take the seeds out before roasting.

      Where they were grown can vary the heat dramatically.

      1. Where do get them? Shouldn't the seller know what they are?

        To reduce the heat, you need to cut out the placenta.

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          that's the problem. I live in Macau and I got them at the fruit/veggie market where the sellers don't really speak english :/ I should have wrote that in the question.

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            That explains it! It's an Asian variety that isn't commonly found in the West, so isn't described in the usual references.

        2. The ones in that recipe picture look like red cubanelle pepers to me. You might have gotten red poblanos, which can be hotter.

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            Poblanos usually have wider shoulders and come to a point on the bottom, so I doubt that they are poblanos.

            They might be a Hungarian hot wax chili.


          2. How big are they? I had several types of red chiles this season that looked somewhat similar but sizes varied from about 2-3 inches long to 4-6 inches. Small ones were very hot.

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