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Nov 13, 2013 09:55 AM

Spices/ingredients to make pasties stand out?

We have a bake-off tomorrow and I'd like to make my pasties stand out, even though it's probably one of the very few savory items already in a bake sale.

Here are some ideas I was flirting with:
-fried tofu subbing for the meat and potatoes
-cellophane noodles as carbs instead of potatoes
-ear or wood mushrooms
-add a bit of thai curry paste

Anything else you would add besides salt and pepper to make it really stand out?

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  1. ok...we need to give that food a name change. Lets just say when you google image its plural form, you're not going to see things you would normally see at a bake sale.

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    1. re: PrinceZuko

      lol. without "cornish" in the name, i had to google this too.

        1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

          yeah, you definitely get nsfw pix right away!

    2. Maybe some turmeric in the dough to liven up the color? Seeds or fried shallots or something else on top?

      I like where you are going with the cellophane noodles and curry paste.

      1. tcamp, my mom always used cellophane noodle and veggies as stuffing for our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't quite soak up the turkey juices, but it's pretty damn good.

        1. Not if the crowd likes traditional. Especially not if the crowd is traditional Cornish. Just make them really, really well and they'll stand out for all the right reasons.

          1. I would do things like caramelize the onions, add mushrooms, thyme, and sherry, etc. Don't go WAY off the beaten path, instead enhance the classic.

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            1. re: sandylc

              Yes. Roasted mushrooms inside could add a ton of flavor without intimidating people