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Nov 13, 2013 09:41 AM

1950's appetizers

Friend is having a party themed 1950's and asked me to come up with some appetizers. I wasn't going to cocktail parties in the '50s so am not
sure what will fly. Little smoked sausages in barbeque sauce, chicken liver pate, but what else? Need about 6 more if you 'hounds can supply
the ideas. Thanks in advance.

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        1. There's always that grapefruit that is made into a porcupine with all those feathered toothpicks with cheese,meat and maybe a grape on them. Be authentic.use Spam!.lol

          And ..GAWD forbid!.....anything in Jello!

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            Oh, I've never seen a grapefruit done that way. Only pineapples, and what a disturbing sight it is too. olives and celery stuffed with various cheese and dips, wrapped in bacon and broiled, then skewered and jammed into a pineapple.

            Also stuff on crackers. Cheese wiz on spam with another olive or cocktail onion nestled on top. And dip made with sour cream, cream cheese and onion soup mix. Finally there is the all time classic chex mix. Yes, we used to make that from "scratch" instead of buying it already mixed.

            One thing that was common, but not so much any more that I do miss is a good relish tray. This was before they called them crudities. Of course there must be a bowl of the lipton onion soup dip in the middle.