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Nov 13, 2013 09:37 AM

Per Se vs. Eleven Madison Park? Which to make a reservation to?

Which would you try to make a reservation to? Per Se or Eleven Madison Park?

I would be going with someone who is not a shellfish eater. I called both and they said they are willing to accommodate the menu to her. She's a little afraid to try Foie Gras, but would be willing to... and loves steak.

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  1. If your friend is a picky eater, the better choice would Eleven Madison Park.

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    1. re: peter j

      Thank you both for the replies. Beef doesn't have to be a must btw. For any particular reason Eleven Madison Park would be better for a picky eater?

      1. re: metalmeatwad

        Depending on how picky your friend is, she may not enjoy either restaurant. Neither restaurant would appeal to someone who prefers food prepared simply with no sauces or garnishes.

        1. re: ellenost

          She isn't INSANELY picky. Shellfish upsets her stomach, and she never tried Foie Gras before.

          1. re: metalmeatwad

            Sounds like she'd enjoy both restaurants. Many people have shellfish allergies (I did when I was a child; fortunately I outgrew it). If your friend hasn't tried foie gras before (and is willing to try it), all of the foie gras preparations at Per Se and EMP would be her best introduction.

    2. Both restaurants are exceptional but EMP is just so much more fun/enjoyable because of the playful nature of the menu and service; that's not to say the food and service isn't serious because it is.

      I just want to make sure you are familiar with the restaurant formats because depending upon when you go there may not be ANY beef at all on the menu if that is a must have.

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      1. re: Spiritchaser

        Agree with you that while both restaurants are wonderful, EMP is simply more fun! I've dined at both restaurants a few times this year, and I would definitely pick EMP over Per Se.

        I dined at EMP last week and the choices for the main protein were duck and venison (no beef).

        1. re: ellenost

          Interesting. Well EMP on the phone seemed very happy to alter the menu for the "non-shellfish fan." So maybe they'll add another protein.

          1. re: metalmeatwad

            Both restaurants are extremely accomodating for food allergies/dislikes. Both restaurants have in their computer systems that I hate olives.

            1. re: metalmeatwad

              So she doesn't like shellfish but fish is okay right? You would have no problem at either place but I would still give the nod to EMP. And if by chance they still have the venison I would strongly encourage ordering it; it was so good at dinner in the dining room I went back and had it at the bar! But another fun option would be for you to get one protein and your dinner companion gets the other choice and you could sample each others (my GF is a vegetarian so this plan is never an option for us).

                1. re: metalmeatwad

                  You are more than welcome. Do you already have the reservation? EMP opens their books 28 days out and the phones go live at 9:00AM.

        2. Both restaurants are good but if she is a dessert lover, avoid Per Se because its desserts are really boring these days.

          1. Did you get the rez you were hoping to get?

            1. I am on a special diet myself. While dinning at the two restaurants you mentioned above, I found that Per Se is more accommodating. Please don't get me wrong, they both tried to give me different options, but Per Se went far and beyond. Paid extra attention.