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Nov 13, 2013 09:37 AM

Downtown St Pete's with a group

In St Petersburg for a conference, at the Vinoy, this coming week. One of the bosses wants to spring for dinner on Monday night (Nov18). Everyone is healthy and able to walk several blocks to avoid the crowd that the conference will bring, but we'll definitely be car-less. Should be about 10 total, so we could take a few cabs, but walking distance would be preferable.

I fly into Tampa quite a bit, but always head immediately to Sarasota, to visit my mom.


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  1. You have lots of choices and depending on where you're from, well you could be from anywhere - dining outdoors could be wonderful this time of year. My fave is Cassis (since the boss is paying), but Bella Brava is fun too. More of a walk, but lots of Greek fun, is Acropolis. They have sidewalk seating and an upstairs balcony.

    I also like Cafe Alma, but indoors only. If weather does not cooperate, that could be a good destination. Oops, just checked and they are closed on Mondays.

    Monday is usually very quiet downtown.
    Have fun!

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      Thanks! I had added Cassis to my shortlist (based on just searching the map and looking at menus), but will add Bella Brava.

      We're from all over the States, but mostly California and Georgia. Some people had their hearts set on Cuban, but, that particular cuisine seems limited to mainly sandwich shops in St Pete's.