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Restaurant Orange Rouge

I went there last night solo and sat at the bar.

Baneha Shizuoka, Japanese green tea (5$ pot) - This is too bitter for me.
Okonomiyaki au chou et crevettes (10$) - This version is unlike what Kazu and Imadake serve. A sweet orange sauce on top (not a bottled plum sauce) made it their own.
L├ęgumes verts (7$) - Tonight it was one type of Chinese cabbage (* choy) in some kind of sauce that is not oyster sauce. It is too salty to eat by itself.
Xiao Long Bao (2.5$) - The only memorable item, a dumpling with a piece of mochi and a thick maple syrup inside. This is served in a round wooden tray used in dim sum and a vinegar sauce I didn't touch.

The lunch menu has dishes from 9$ to 16$ (fish).

I would not give this as high a rating as Le Devoir did.

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  1. I thought most Chinese places gave tea on the house, or a few bucks at most. $5 is steep.

    Mostly I just want to thank you for starting this thread, and I hope others follow your example. Until a few years ago, people were good about starting new topics when they visited restaurants. This makes things easy to find. It keeps the openings thread from becoming a mess of sub-threads and tangential conversations, while also being the main one people have to refer to for any new information/opinions.

    I urge the users of this board to not be lazy and get back to posting reviews as new topics. Yes, your 2 line comment that you visited a restaurant is a review, and more will follow. Keep it out of 'openings', please!

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      you thought right. tea is free at chinese restaurants but this is japanese tea so i'm guessing there's a price for that

      1. re: twinkie83

        Not to mention this isn't a chinese restaurant.

    2. My experiences have been very positive thus far.

      I particularly enjoyed the beef noodles, the chicken and smoked bar fried rice, the tataki, as well as that okonomiyaki (unlike at Imadake, it did not taste like glue).

      Honestly, the lunch is a steal at around 20-23$ tax+tip included.

      I look forward to trying the whole roasted duck, which looked delicious.

      Apart from Le Devoir, CultMTL also gave it thumbs up: http://cultmontreal.com/2013/11/orang...

      1. I'm wondering how vegetarian friendly Orange Rouge is, as I cannot find a menu online, and the newspaper reviews do not say. Are there a few meat and seafood/fish-free dishes?


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          They posted the attached menu back in late october. Also this was posted on the CH openings thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9183...

          Basically, not so many veg options, but a vegetarian could likely get by without too much hassle.

            1. re: Ghostquatre

              Yeah. :-( Maybe you could post it to a free/anonymous service like this one? http://imgur.com/

                1. re: Siumaieater

                  PDF menus FTW - thanks. ;-) Serves me right for not Googling. ;-)

                  1. re: Siumaieater

                    Did that exist yesterday?? In any case their wine prices have already jumped a fair amount.. not excessively, but now certainly above 2x

                    1. re: Fintastic

                      It has been up for a while now, but somehow doesn't appear with a simple google search.

            2. re: lorie

              I should also note that vegetarians could certainly rely on liquid nutrition.. That wine list is short but has some very well-priced mega-hits like the Langhe and Morgon, both at less than 2x markup.

            3. This place is pretty overpriced with portions that are much too small. The food is good and the presentation is nice, but 20 bucks later you feel like you only had an appetizer. In a an area dominated by government workers, this place won't last

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              1. re: gds514

                So "government workers" are, as a general rule, cheap and plagued with a greater appetite than others? Hmmm.

                Besides, the argument doesn't really resonate with me. I work close enough, at PVM, where a disgusting tuna sandwich will set you back 11$. And all courthouses are a few blocks away from the restaurant, which means lawyer hounds.

                Some plates at OR are bigger than others, and you accept to pay extra for the quality of the ingredients (and great tasting oriental-ish food without MSG). The fried chicken and the beef noodles are more than enough for my lunch (and both less than 15$).

                1. re: Siumaieater

                  I grew up in Ottawa and can attest to bureaucrats' cheapness. Although they can eat very leisurely, far more so than other office workers, because they're virtually impossible to fire (based on merit, not across-the-board cutbacks) and mostly do meaningless work with no real deadlines. But I digress...

                  The problem is the prices aren't the norm for the area. They would be fine further down de la Gauchetiere toward Square Victoria. But in the heart of Chinatown, the $6-9 lunch special is king, and dinner isn't much more. Anyway, all I need to know I mentioned in the first comment on this thread: $5 for tea. That's absurd. Tea is free or $2 at most. (Don't tell me they serve fancy, blabla-sourced tea. Unless you're at a tea lounge, tea is tea.) And they give a pretty small amount, too, enough for 2 teacups each. Most places give you large 800ml- 1L pots.

                  I'm not saying it won't make it, but it shouldn't count on the casual walk-in business. And since it's more of a destination spot, they should post English menus if they want tourists.

                  1. re: Shattered

                    I would agree that the price for tea is high, but saying that it is absurd is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't care much for tea in any event.

                    I'm not saying that they'll replace traditional places like Dobe & Andy, but it is a very welcome addition to the area in my mind. I mean, 10$ for chicken fried rice remains a very competitive price even when compared with all the lousy chinese take-out menus I've got at home. And they include some delicious house smoked sea-bass in there.

                  2. re: Siumaieater

                    Most federal works in the area are secretarial and admin making 40k a year. With the multitude of options in the area, the novelty of this place will wear off fast. It might have a better chance with supper when it will have a better chance catering to those looking to sample Aaron Langille

                    Maybe you have the luxury of wasting 20 minutes walking during your lunch break, but most people only get an hour and rather not waste it in transit. PVM or court house argument holds no water.

                    1. re: gds514

                      When I did a quick check at Orange Rouge last week at lunch time it was packed, and plus there was a line-up to get in. I don't think the people who dine here at lunch or dinner, would normally eat in Chinatown regularly to the other establishments near-by(they're attracting different clientele). It's not really a Chinese restaurant, & I didn't see any Chinese customers eating there. My guess this restaurant will do very well.

                      1. re: BLM

                        Agreed. This is the first Chinese-leaning hipster restaurant in town. There is definitely a market.

                2. Does this place do take out? Prices don't look too bad, but I'm guessing the portions are probably way too small.

                  Also that brunch menu looks pathetic.

                  1. This restaurant definitely has something going for it, although they might need to iron out a few kinks (as do most new restaurants). We arrived at 8:15PM on a Saturday night and managed to snag the last table.

                    We ordered the Blanchailles Frites & Arachides Sriracha, which were great to snack on. Would go perfect with a beer, but we opted for a cocktail (Old Royal Jelly - A Old Fashioned style cocktail, and a Golden Slumber - very refreshing, almost mojito like).

                    We then had the BBQ Pork, which was perfectly cooked. Moist and a fatty belly, the oyster emulsion was also great. Also had the aubergines. This dish was good, but nothing to write home about. Also the aubergines really need a knife to cut through, something that should have been provided to accompany the chopsticks. We switched to the Barbaresco from Langhe for this course, which was a good balance for the BBQ Pork & also didn't overpower the fish.

                    Next up was the Omble Chevalier. This was served in three ways. 1) Sashimi; 2) Poached; 3) Grilled. The sashimi and the grilled filet were excellent. Simple & clean flavours. I'm not normally a big fan of poached fish, and this one didn't wow me either. However, given my aversion to poached, I'll still give this dish a thumbs up.

                    Desert was the Xiao Long Bao. A nice take on the original. Points for creativity, but I think it was a bit confused. The table next to us had the orange ice cream, and were raving about it, so I will try that next time.

                    Overall: As I mentioned earlier, they have a few kinks to work out service wise. The waiter needed to be reminded about our wine, and had a bit of trouble opening it in the cramped tables. Also had some trouble pronouncing Okinomiyaki (which I know is a mouthful, but should be known by the staff). I'm also kinda comparing it to Cafe Sardine, which had impeccable service.

                    I will return here soon & hope that all the opening jitters have been settled. I definitely enjoyed the style of food, decor and atmosphere. I look forward to good things from here.

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                    1. re: Stax88

                      I was also at OR this weekend. I definitely enjoyed it, and actually found the service to be very good (although a bit atypical).

                      We enjoyed the cabbage cooked in chicken fat (also apparently topped with chicken skin, although they were out of that specific appetizer and we unable to detect any), a very nice warm eggplant and goatcheese salad, a far too salty dish of duck and brussel sprouts with smoked tofu (although it was otherwise delicious), and the star of the show, the fish special which I think was bass with crispy skin topped with marrow and planted on absurdly delicious marinated root vegetable (I think daikon?). We also had a decent bottle of wine (although the server offered to chill it this was rather warm), the Xiao Long Bao (which I found simple but delicious), and a chocolate cakey thing.

                      My feeling was that the front-of-house (possibly also the kitchen) didn't have strong leadership coordinating or guiding service. I liked the casual style as both our servers were very pleasant and naturally charming, but there did appear to be a lack of formal training with the menu. For instance, at least one waitress/bartender seemed to take a very long time consulting a recipe sheet when making the very few cocktails on their list. The cocktails were good but it didn't inspire confidence that they were made by someone who truly knew what they were doing. In general I really enjoyed myself, and the prices were reasonable. Let's stop comparing costs to nearby Chinatown restaurants like Beijing: that's absurd. We could just as easily compare the prices of the Keg vs Gibby's or Steak Frites SP vs nearby Toque. By that logic, each is a steakhouse or French restaurant, respectively, so prices should be comparable?? Come on.

                    2. So much for this place. According to Eater, Orange Rouge has now lost most of its opening-day team, including Aaron Langille himself. I'm confused as I thought he was the brains behind the place, but maybe I misunderstood. In any case, it doesn't bode well.

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                        "It's with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Orange Rouge. Creative differences and a new baby have demanded a change. Merci!"

                        'Creative differences.' Wasn't the same excuse Axl used to fire Slash? The same reason Mick T left the Stones?


                        1. re: Shattered

                          And the construction on de la Gauchetiere probably didn't help.