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Nov 13, 2013 07:31 AM

Kingston, with caveats

Looks like I gotta get myself to Kingston on Sunday.
The older person I will be with likes simple, accessible places that are more like diners with real home cooking.
I'd like to avoid diners with this person as they really do not do any home style cooking anymore, at all.
And when I've been to a diner with this older person, he orders a burger and complains about it and wants the 1970's diners with the three daily specials (blue plate?) like braised beef short ribs, beef stew, and anything "saucy" like that from a steam table.
The only other caveat is no bars. If the place has a bar that one can 'belly up' to, no dice. A service bar that a waitperson can pour jug wine into a carafe is OK, just not a "drinking establishment" or 'sports bar' no matter how good the food.
Any suggestions for a mid-day Sunday dinner is greatly appreciated.
I thank you all for all your recs!

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  1. is boitson's brunch something that would work?

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    1. re: bob gaj

      Thank you for the rec.
      I just Googled the place and the website says they open at 5 on Sunday and the photos show a large bar with the word "LUBRICATION" over it.

      I wish. The place looks great and the on-line menu looks great too! Perhaps on another trip without the caveats in tow...

      I just hope not to have to go to a generic diner...

    2. How about the Bowery Dugout? Known for seafood, but good basic menu. Also, Hoffman House. It has a "tavern" but not really a bar.

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      1. re: Leslie

        Thanks for those recs.

        I just looked at both those web sites.

        No home cooking going on. Steam table fare is what he wants. Just like the diners of the 1970's and the three daily specials of the day.

        I would have great difficulty getting him into a seafood place upstate. I know things have changed, fresh fish is available everywhere. And the further away from the water, the fresher, and better the seafood. But he remembers the 1970's, when frozen fish and such were the only thing available on the fishermans platter.

      2. Anyone familiar with Stella's for Italian? Not my first choice, but maybe a bit more accessible for the older person I'm going to be with?

        If home cooking isn't available, maybe familiar Italian it is?

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        1. re: Gastronomos

          The ladies in the shop when I was getting my hair done last week were debating which is better-Stella's or Savona's. I've never been to either, but it was a good discussion.

        2. You might want to consider Diesing's:

          It's a whole and retail bakery that supplies many restaurants with bread, cakes and other pastries.. Over the years they have expanded and now serve food. None of it can be considered "fancy"; this place might be what you are looking for.