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Nov 13, 2013 07:27 AM

Jungsik - Bar?

I've tried googling, but have been unable to find any information.

I was wondering if Jungsik had a bar where you can sit and get an appetizer and drinks? If so, can you order the same food options as are on the regular menu? I see they have plenty of availability for the main dining room, but I was hoping for something a bit shorter and more casual.


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  1. Yes, there's a bar, and yes you can order their (new) a la carte menu there, or the Tasting Menu.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Is there really a "new" a la carte menu? Or are you referring to the "Choice" menu also offered at the tables?

      1. re: zeeEats

        Right the Choice.

        And, yes, technically it's a create-your-own TM but you do get to choose the dishes you want. I guess it really should be called a pseudo pre-fixe a la carte type of menu?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          So, ipsedixit, do you live in LA or New York? Or, somewhere else? You seem to have the inside scoop on all the best places!

          1. re: jilkat25

            Here's a pic of the bar area. It's a small area and easy to miss.

            You need to go back, have a drink at the bar and maybe another meal! :-)

          2. re: ipsedixit

            it really is a "new "a la carte menu. Initially, although you picked from each column you had to get a tasting meal. Now you can get as few as one dish if you choose to. Even at a table there is no minimum. I was there about a month or two ago, around the time they got a Michelin rating. The chef was in Korea. I thought it was bad timing for him to go to Korea right when the place started getting busy. Anyway, i don't know how anyone can miss the bar, it's right there in front. They made the amuses much smaller portions. That used to be my favorite part of eating there. They eliminated a good kalbi item. A few other changes, but I eat there probably 6 times a year.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              The galbi is still on the Choice menu, according to their website. That was one of my favorite dishes.

              1. re: zeeEats

                it's still on the website perhaps and it is still on the menu, but totally different and nowhere as good as it was. Unless it was different because there was a "stand-in" chef last time I went. The Kalbi was also my favorite dish. But sadly it changed.

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  The last time I had the galbi was at the end of summer. I'm going back next weekend - will order it and see if the preparation is still the same (though I'd expect some of the veggies and garnishes to be different now based on seasonality).

                  1. re: zeeEats

                    The whole preparation is different, including the way the meat was cut and served. I await your report

      2. I was there last week and didn't see a separate bar with seating, but we were seated in the far room by the (east?) window. If there is a separate bar, it isn't the centerpiece of the space.
        The cocktail menu makes no mention of bar-sized plates, but everything on the regular menu is essentially "bar-sized" anyway There are only six "Jungsik cocktails" on the "cocktails and aperitifs" menu. We ordered them all (3+3) and shared. They were all great! Apart from a handful of cordials, the aperitifs side of the bar menu is mostly high-end spirits. I'm sure you can order classic cocktails. We didn't order wine, and I didn't bring home a wine list.
        We ordered the 10 course tasting menu which consists mostly of dishes on the "choice" (a al carte) menu, plus several amuses. Everything we ate was sublime! Easily our best dinner in New York!

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        1. re: jilkat25

          No, there's totally a bar in the front room when you first walk in.

          1. re: Sneakeater

            I was trying to remember. I vaguely recalled an actual bar but only saw it peripherally, I guess.

            1. re: Sneakeater

              I have spent more than my fair share of time at the bar.

          2. Awesome news. Definitely going to check it out soon.