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Nov 13, 2013 04:57 AM

Did any one else get an email from CH on too much board banter?

Got a survey from one of our beloved Mods for the SD board on personal chit chat...guess, they feel the SD board has some added banter when discussing food, drink and restaurants..
I feel we've done a good job overall in weaving food and drink into the mix..

Personally, I don't feel we are different than any other board and each board has their own style, with their cast of characters..most of us been posting since 2008 and have become one big happy family.
Sad, if you want to change us.

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  1. The "official" position of the mods, as stated on this board numerous times, is that they have relaxed the previous clampdown on off topic chit chat throughout the site. I wonder if the purpose of the survey is to re-examine that decision. I certainly hope so!

    1. Since I have posted (mostly annoyingly) a few times, I was also sent the survey. I participated, saying that the chat mentioned didn't bother me at all, and made the board a friendly lively place. I also had to mention how much I missed James Norton and the Supertaster feature.

      1. I don't know how you would manage to eradicate naturally evolving chit chat as is going on now on the Texas board in regards to the best place to live -foodwise-in Texas, since all the other factors are coming up. It would be like whack-a-mole for the poor moderators. Wait, it that chit-chat?

        1. Ipsedixit strikes like a swashbuckling Zorro!

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            I'm confused ...

            You'll have to bear with me, I had to take ESL. Thrice.

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              No tengo idea lo que dices arriba....:)

          2. Jacq added some Mod insight/bullet points throughout this thread that seems to cross over into your question Beach C.

            I didn't rec' an email but I'm kinda glad to hear that the Mods were asking for feedback from CH's. At least that says they have an interest in including member opinions...which many of us have asked for in the past.

            Like many who have spoken up, I don't know if defining banter/chit chat is ever going to work site wide because some is allowed and some isn't; because sometimes Mods let all of us swim in non food topics or topics that barely include food as the main point and other times they don't. It would appear the biggest culprit is the tone of those non foodish discussions. And, given the number of threads populating on every board the cleanup has to be enormous...too large for a small staff/volunteer group.