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Tofutti Cream Cheese: Anyone ever used this?

In the mood for cheesecake but mom is lactose intolerant. I hate vegan substitutes. Morningstar breakfast patties were an abomination (used to eat them as part of my P90X Nutrition Plan). Made some from scratch which tasted better but still didn't appeal to my family. And Tofurkey just makes me depressed. These experiences have made me hesitant about trying Tofutti. Has anyone made a cheesecake with this? How did it compare to real cheesecake? If its not that good, i'll probably order some lactase enzyme supplements for her. Knowing her, she will eat the cheesecake lactose-free or not, just because I made it.

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  1. If you're talking about cream cheese cheesecake (the only kind I make) there are several varieties of Greek yogurt cream cheese available now. That is supposedly tolerated well in most lactose cases.

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      I used that Greek cream cheese for cheesecake twice, though once was enough. I tried blending it with the real thing the second time.

      I'd rather do without cheesecake. Bad off taste and texture. Bad stuff.

      I'd take lactase instead. You could also buy Lacteez drops and add to the batter, hold it overnight, then bake. Might work out. http://lacteeze.com/products/lacteeze...

      I found Tofutti products pretty vile, especially the cream cheese.

    2. I've always been pretty happy with any of the Tofutti products I've used, but I've never made cheesecake with it.

      You can try asking this question on the Kosher board, too. Tofutti is a very popular dairy substitute among people who keep kosher and I'm willing to bet there are people on that board who can easily give you good advice on this question.

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        Same here. For a while I kept my son on a dairy free diet and a bit of the Tofutti cream cheese was a good way to make pasta sauce a little creamy.

        But I have never used it for any kind of baking.

      2. Since Tofutti comes in a small container size, I would recommend buying it and first seeing how you like the taste. I have family members who own stock in this company and from that standpoint I can vouch it's a popular product for some. But I didn't care for the taste.

        The new Greek styled cream cheese coll highlighted, I love. It's tart and tangy but in a savory cheesecake ideal. Spread on a toasted bialy really good. The Greek style comes in blocks and a whipped tub. I'd also recommend buying the product first before making a cheesecake just to try the flavor.

        1. I ordered a piece of tofu cheescake at a vegan restaurant once. I believe it was made with silken tofu. Flavored with cocoa. It wasn't bad. Of course, it was lighter than the regular rich, creamy cheesecake. But, I did like the flavor and texture enough to have it on my bucket list of things to make in this lifetime... which is looooong,

          1. while i was a vegetarian i tried those tofutti products and thought they were simply awful.

            i realize there are varying levels of tolerance, and for those suggesting greek yogurt cream cheese, there is also labneh. you can buy it or make it.

            1. Most adults of European descent are lactose intolerant to some extent or another. My husband and I never drink milk for this reason. However, we can eat most cheeses without problems, including cream cheese. It apparently has almost no lactose.


              This actually doesn't make sense to me since I was always told that the harder/older cheeses have less lactose and cream cheese is soft and not really aged.

              Anyway, before you give up on real cheesecake, maybe your mom could try a little cream cheese and see if she can handle it? Of course, there's also a ton of sour cream in cheesecake, so that could be an even bigger problem.

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                Just as s note - the percentage of people who are lactose intolerante is lowest if you are from European descent

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                  Highest among people from African and Asian descent

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                    I think among Europeans, it may be Jews who most often have it... maybe eastern European? Looks like northern Europeans have much higher tolerance for lactose than southern...

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                      True, here's a nice map with the geographical distribution of lactose intolerance http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/m....

                      I, for one, have never had a glass of milk straight up ever. Many animals are also lactose intolerant as they get older.

              2. tofutti doesn't float my boat.

                i've had tofu cheesecakes that were good. i've had goat cheese cheesecake that was good (obviously, a mild goat cheese) and i've had raw vegan "cheese"cake made with nut based cream cheese that was really good!

                personally, i'd just ask her what she was going to choose to eat, or ask her if she wanted to make the dessert, and skip the wondering - but i'm always looking for the easiest method for ME!

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                  lol. She doesn't know how to cook. and this isn't for Thanksgiving or any special occasion...just a craving. Part of why I want to make it was because cheesecake was her favorite dessert before she started reacting badly to lactose. Anyways, it seems Tofutti is an acquired taste so thats off the table. I think im just going to get her some lactase enzyme supplements rather than make an inferior product. Going to go out for Ben's cream cheese which apparently has a cult following here in NYC. Its been compared to Chateau Lafitte Rothschild and makes Philadelphia cream cheese look like Thunderbird so must be good. The best New York cheesecake needs the best cream cheese.

                2. I have only used it for a creamcheese buttercream icing and it was OK for that albeit having a slightly different flavour, not a bad flavour though

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                    seems the overall consensus is OK or not bad. Thats not enough for me to want to try it. sigh....
                    If only raw milk was sold here. I would have made my own cream cheese then without killing off the lactase enzymes. Really dont understand why farms aren't allowed to sell raw milk off their premises here.

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                      because pasteurization was one of the most successful public health initiatives. ever.

                  2. i've used the tofutti sour cream successfully in dishes, but never the cream cheese. if you do try it, please post an update as I'd be very interested to hear how it turns out.

                    1. Apparently ricotta has less lactose than cream cheese. Not a big fan of Tofutti, but perhaps play with a combination of ricotta and silken tofu instead of cream cheese.

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                        most often ricotta has quite a bit more lactose than cream cheese.

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                          Typically, the higher the fat content, the lower the lactose. http://www.stevecarper.com/li/list_of...

                          It's also helpful to know that fermented products have the constituent lactose content listed on the lable even though the lactose is no longer present, sometimes entirely gone, converted to lactic acid by fermentation. I always buy the oldest yogurt I can find, and keep it unopened for weeks or months after the shelf date. No lactose reaction at all that way.

                        2. i've made lots of cheesecakes with tofutti cream cheese and tofutti sour cream. always great. happy to give you my recipe if desired!

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                              Sure thing… I line my 9" springform with parchment at the bottom that I lay over the base and seal the pan over it, then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil…twice.

                              113 g dairy free butter sub, melted
                              ½ tsp cinnamon
                              2 cups graham cracker crumbs

                              Combine and press into lined springform pan, and 1" or a little more up the sides. Throw in freezer while you prep filling.

                              453 g (1 lb) tofutti or other dairy-free cream cheese, softened
                              160 g (~3 large) eggs, room temp
                              200 g sugar (~1 cup)
                              1 cup tofutti or other dairy-free sour cream, room temp
                              1 tbsp vanilla
                              2-3 tsp lemon zest (~1 lemon or less to taste)

                              Beat cream cheese til smooth. Add eggs, 1 at a time, and beat for another minute. Slowly add sugar, and continue to beat for 1-2 minutes. Add sour cream, and beat til smooth. Add vanilla and lemon zest, and beat for 30-45 minutes til smooth. Fill springform. Feel free to bang springform down a little to release air bubbles to the top, if you like. Bake in a water bath at 350 F (conventional) for 50-60 minutes. Sometimes depending on the day, it takes a little longer. If it's getting too dark on top, you can cover it over a little. Take it out when it's still a little jiggly in the middle, but set. Cool for half an hour, then stick it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

                          1. I like it as a spread, but have not used it in other recipe preparations.

                            1. I've used Tofutti cream cheese in cheesecakes to great acclaim.

                              1. Tofutti's cream cheese is better for recipes than it is for eating plain and is a perfectly fine swap for the cheesecake.

                                I have made cashew cream cheese and cashew "cheese" that are delicious dairy free options as well. The cashew cream cheese is best for no bake cheesecakes. This recipe gives great directions for how to make the cashew cream cheese (or drain longer for a more firm cheese consistancy)

                                1. Somewhat OT, but I used to love the Toffuti Cuties "ice cream" sandwiches.

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                                    those and the "marry me" bars. so good, with a dove chocolate-like exterior

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                                      I tried them, but hated the oily mouth feel, a bit waxy.

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                                        I haven't had them in probably 5 years, so not sure if they changed. My taste buds were also less attuned back then. Perhaps I'll give them a try again but I rarely have the taste for dessert so perhaps I'll pawn them off on SO.

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                                          I had them only when they were new, many more years back than that.