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Nov 13, 2013 03:36 AM

Tofutti Cream Cheese: Anyone ever used this?

In the mood for cheesecake but mom is lactose intolerant. I hate vegan substitutes. Morningstar breakfast patties were an abomination (used to eat them as part of my P90X Nutrition Plan). Made some from scratch which tasted better but still didn't appeal to my family. And Tofurkey just makes me depressed. These experiences have made me hesitant about trying Tofutti. Has anyone made a cheesecake with this? How did it compare to real cheesecake? If its not that good, i'll probably order some lactase enzyme supplements for her. Knowing her, she will eat the cheesecake lactose-free or not, just because I made it.

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  1. If you're talking about cream cheese cheesecake (the only kind I make) there are several varieties of Greek yogurt cream cheese available now. That is supposedly tolerated well in most lactose cases.

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      I used that Greek cream cheese for cheesecake twice, though once was enough. I tried blending it with the real thing the second time.

      I'd rather do without cheesecake. Bad off taste and texture. Bad stuff.

      I'd take lactase instead. You could also buy Lacteez drops and add to the batter, hold it overnight, then bake. Might work out.

      I found Tofutti products pretty vile, especially the cream cheese.

    2. I've always been pretty happy with any of the Tofutti products I've used, but I've never made cheesecake with it.

      You can try asking this question on the Kosher board, too. Tofutti is a very popular dairy substitute among people who keep kosher and I'm willing to bet there are people on that board who can easily give you good advice on this question.

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        Same here. For a while I kept my son on a dairy free diet and a bit of the Tofutti cream cheese was a good way to make pasta sauce a little creamy.

        But I have never used it for any kind of baking.

      2. Since Tofutti comes in a small container size, I would recommend buying it and first seeing how you like the taste. I have family members who own stock in this company and from that standpoint I can vouch it's a popular product for some. But I didn't care for the taste.

        The new Greek styled cream cheese coll highlighted, I love. It's tart and tangy but in a savory cheesecake ideal. Spread on a toasted bialy really good. The Greek style comes in blocks and a whipped tub. I'd also recommend buying the product first before making a cheesecake just to try the flavor.

        1. I ordered a piece of tofu cheescake at a vegan restaurant once. I believe it was made with silken tofu. Flavored with cocoa. It wasn't bad. Of course, it was lighter than the regular rich, creamy cheesecake. But, I did like the flavor and texture enough to have it on my bucket list of things to make in this lifetime... which is looooong,

          1. while i was a vegetarian i tried those tofutti products and thought they were simply awful.

            i realize there are varying levels of tolerance, and for those suggesting greek yogurt cream cheese, there is also labneh. you can buy it or make it.