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Nov 12, 2013 08:09 PM

Searching for a good Bourbon retailer in South Jersey or Northern DE

Hi can anyone recommend a good source of better bourbons in this area.
The PA wine/liquor system is awful and should be sold off so that we can join the rest of the USA.
They never have anything in stock and when they do their website sucks.
So I'm hoping some bourbon drinkers have another source for whiskies-not wines.
Forget Total Wines, they have nothing in quality bourbons.

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  1. I'm not a bourbon fan but Kreston's in Wilmington is a possibility. They have a nice single malt selection so bourbon is probably the same.

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    1. Total Wine & Spirits in Claymont.

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      1. Kreston's (waking1) Wilmington DE has both Makers Mark and Makers 46 at good prices in various sizes.

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        1. I am curious why you say Total Wine has nothing. Looking at their website they say they stock over seventy small batch bourbons.

          Is the issue that they are not in stock when you go there or you don't want to pay the prices?

          BTW have you visited Fette Sau in Fishtown? One of the best bourbon selections in the city (along with Village Whiskey).

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            Thanks cw. Not a price thing. The problem is their inventory of "hard to come by" bourbons is the problem. For example, I really enjoy WL Weller 12 year old which I can buy in the NY area for $25 bucks. It's a great every day bourbon but cannot find it in the Philly area. Also, Evan Williams single barrel-they don't have it. Hell, can't even get 4 roses yellow label. And of course they don't have anything from the BTAC or Four Roses Small batch Limited Edition or similar hard to get choices. Don't get me wrong they have decent wine selections but I'm trying to find someone who focus is more towards whiskey. Do you know anywhere else?

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              At least half of the brands you mentioned are on the website. And you can order online and have it picked up at the store. So you might want to take a look at Total Wine again. its not as ideal as having it all on the shelf and able to choose, but definitely easier than having to drive to NY etc.

              You might also look at the Whiskey Advocate, one of the best magazines on Whiskey overall and bourbon in particular. The editor lives in Newtown, and probably could give you some pointers. The website has a list of stores by states that carry good whiskey selection.


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                The Evan Williams was the only one I saw. For the rest, Total Wine carry the brands but not the specific special editions that margatebeachbum is looking for.

                I live without a car myself, so unfortunately I can't advise on store in NJ and DE, since I put up with whatever PA stocks. Having moved from elsewhere, I do miss well-curated independent liquor stores.

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                  thanks cw-but as you can see from lower's post-they have those brands but not the specific ones that are more desired by my bourbon drinking friends. i will look into the WA list-thanks again for any help.

            2. They probably don't have the specific bottles you are looking for, but we have found that will ship some liquors to PA (generally what is already available to be shipped from the state in some way, shape, or form).