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Nov 12, 2013 07:49 PM

Thanksgiving 2013, buffet?

I know this has been discussed in the past, but who does a particularly good buffet for T-day? We have some old friends coming into town, and some of them want the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and others just want a good buffet. I'm assuming that most of the buffets will include a Thanksgiving spread -- please correct me if I'm wrong. Preferably something mid-range, i.e., better than Palace Station, but not as fancy as Wynn. Something like Mirage, Paris, or M., maybe?

I've looked around the web but can't seem to find the usual compilation of Thanksgiving options for this year. TIA.

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      1. Thank you, Eric and uhockey. I apologize if I was unclear. Some of those options look great, but both of those lists are for regular restaurants, and neither list includes any buffets, unless I missed them. My friends are looking for a BUFFET on Thanksgiving, where they will have a choice of usual buffet fare, plus the standard T-day turkey, dressing, etc..

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          I'd be amazed if any Vegas buffet didn't have the usual turkey stuff on Thanksgiving. Most of them have turkey all the time.

          Buffet lines are beyond hellish on Thanksgiving. I'd book a regular restaurant.

        2. Expect to wait two to three hours for any buffet on Thanksgiving.