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Nov 12, 2013 07:46 PM

chicken fried steak in Carrollton or Lewisville

Please help a displaced Texan who is craving a chicken fried steak. In town on business for a couple of days and meeting family in the Lewisville or Carrollton area. Last time, we tried Babes but, with older family members, it was just too loud.

It's Mama's daughter our best bet?

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  1. Mama's is good but I find myself a fan of Norma's.

    1. Might try out Tierney's in Old Town Lewisville. Just trying to find a non chain place in Lewisville is the challenge. I would save up my cravings though and settle for Babe's. I prefer the Roanoke location for the fact they only serve fried chicken and chicken fried steak (or at least they used to). If you really are feeling up to the challenge there is always Mary's in Strawn out west of Fort Worth.

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        Babe's is out due to the noise level. And Strawn is out since I won't be able to convince the family to make the drive on a work night. I might be able to convince them to drive to Ponder and Ranchman's. Any recent visits there?

        I do normally prefer non-chain - Would you recommend the CFS at Tierney's over Mama's or Norma's? The menu at Tierney's seems all over the place.

        1. re: mrsmustard

          I haven't been to Ponder in over a I can't give you a definitive answer there. When I did vist I thought it was very good for being in Ponder.

          CFS at Tierneys is on the same par with Mama's Daughters. I believe the sides are better than Mama's though.

          I prefer Norma's either on the Tollway or in Oak Cliff over Mama's Daughters. For some reason I have never been a fan of Mama's. I think their canned veggies are quite insulting giving the fact that they are supposed to be a homestyle type restaurant. I would rather eat a fresh side than a fresh roll.

          If you do have to hit up a chain place you might try out Saltgrass (Lewisville) or Texas Land and Cattle (Lake Dallas/Corinth/Hickory Creek).

      2. Norma's is okay. Mama's is prefab but not horrible. Love and War in Texas is probably best of bread close in. Obviously many other choices in Dallas.

        1. Celebration in Dallas is not far and probably my favorite in D-FW. The jalapeno cream gravy is fantastic, The sides and bread basket are terrific. Not to mention it is all you can eat. Win-Win. The service will be much better than those other choices too!

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