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Nov 12, 2013 07:41 PM


Where can I get a great turkey dinner in Henderson on Thanksgiving?

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    1. re: lvnvflyer

      A strong second on Todd's. Here is the link to their Thanksgiving menu.

      1. re: lvnvflyer

        I've only been to Todd's onceā€¦and it was the worst meal I've ever had in LV!

      2. I commend Todd for not trying to reinvent the wheel with his T-Day dinner menu, and also for not jacking up the prices to take advantage.

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        1. re: Dave Feldman

          A great farm-to-table chef who could rival TK in Napa. His sourcing of product is outstanding.

        2. Please don't title your posting with your username. No one looking over the list of threads has any idea what the posting is about!