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Nov 12, 2013 07:31 PM

Dong Huong Rice Rolls are teflon ? ( they don't stick together )

Dong Huong Rice Valley Rice noodle sheets do not stick together like others I've used in the past. Today I bought the Shrimp Rice Rolls and cut them up as wide noodles for dinner. They peeled apart pretty easily and without breaking. Held up reasonably well to stir frying also. I've seen this brand in 99 Ranch and also in SF Chinatown and Clement Street.

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  1. I've been using the banh uot (rice noodle sheets) from Rice Valley too. They do have some flour in them and therefore are not gluten-free. They do indeed pull apart easily even though they seem like they have less oil on the surface. I just peel them into strips when I want to use them as rice noodles rather than buying pre-cut noodles. After opening I keep them on the counter at room temperature and they'll be fine for two days whereas other brands would have started to turn moldy.

    While I prefer the flavor and texture of the ones made by the Hon's Wuntun folks, these are easier to work with. Also easier to find at grocers.

    1. Here's the label to make them easier to find. Typically the packages are unrefrigerated and stacked near the check out lines at the smaller Chinese grocers in San Francisco. I bought these yesterday at New Lien Hing on Clement St. in SF, $1.69 per pound package.