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how to wash vegetables like broccoli? Does the ultrasonic cleaning machine workable?

I'm not a vegetarian, but everybody know more vegetables and fruits are good for our health. But here is the big problem, how to wash them clearly? Vegetables like broccoli, fruit like strawberry, grape and so on.... only wash them under running water is not enough to get them ready to eat. Cause i never know where my photos, oranges and other fruit have been.
I always pay more attention to this kind of news. I got a catalouge of ultrasonic cleaning machine recently. it's claimed that the machine could wash the vegetables and fruits totally cleaned and kill the bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli. It's sound new to me and I don't know it's working theory, does it workable?

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  1. Once again, proof that PT Barnum greatly underestimated the reproduction rate of the population being discussed.

    1. I see this is your first CH post. You may want to get your feet wet by reading the late Sam Fujisaka's thread about living in a magic house:


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        just read Sam Fujisaka's magic house and it's only an idea and just for fun too. anyway, thanks!
        I'll work out a way for this altrasonic thing.

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          Well, it was a bit more than an Idea. I'm just wondering why you think everything needs to be all that clean. *I* live in a "magic house."

      2. <i never know where my photos, oranges and other fruit have been. >

        It's been ages since I was last in a darkroom, but I remember using stop bath to clean my photos. Stop bath is basically vinegar. And vinegar would probably also be a good way to clean your oranges! Problem solved.

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          sorry for the typing mistake of "potato" and thanks for your approach.

          yes the vinegar is workable especially after the right ratio.
          But how about the nooks and crannies of the vegetables and fruit? that's the big problem, right?

        2. I don't know where my photos have been either .

          And, these days, that scares me ....

          1. You just need to wash the fruits and vegetables, not sterilize them. A good rinse in running water will do the trick. If you're that paranoid about germs, there's a lot of things you shouldn't eat or do.

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              yes, you are right. We just need to wash the fruits and vegetables instead of sterilize them.

              Here is someone's opinion about the how to wash the produce. Just for your reference:

              "Unlike an apple, grapes present a special challenge when it comes to making sure that the fruit you are eating is very clean, not just free of pesticides, but of any other soil, organisms or debris picked up on the way to you.

              People handle our food a lot before we eat it. Grapes are no exception. There is a special way of cleaning all fruit if you want to make sure that the wax on the fruit, oil from people's hands, dirt, grime and bacteria are not still clinging to the fruit before you put it in your mouth. "

            2. We all have lines we draw in different places about such issues, and it's up to you where you draw yours on this. Being stricter will just mean more work, time, and maybe expense for you.

              I reckon a scrub in a salty and/or vinegary hot water bath would be pretty effective, although broccoli would be difficult to scrub, so maybe just soak it for a while. Less useful for lettuce etc. I admit, but peelable produce like oranges or potatoes should surely require almost no cleaning.

              I'm in the quick rinse, maybe, camp. Not many have died from my cooking.

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                hi, Robin. thanks a lot for your advise and your understanding. it's more easier for people to accept the advice according to what you said.

              2. If you rinse and steam, roast or otherwise cook your vegetables, there are few cooties that can survive that treatment.
                The odds of you becoming ill from eating fresh vegetables is pretty small. Driving a car is much more dangerous - but we all have our personal peccadilloes.

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                1. Unless you are seriously immuno-compromised, I think a device such as the one you mention is overkill. A thorough wash is going to take care of most contaminants. The quote you posted below about grapes, when searched, leads to instructions about using a drop of detergent to clean fruit. I'd go that route before buying a machine to take care of this most mundane of tasks.

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