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Saturday dinner in Leesburg

My husband and I are meeting his former boss, who is in Leesburg over the weekend. She is an adventurous vegetarian. Dinner doesn't need to be fancy, but I would prefer if the place were not too loud. Any suggestions? I have never been to Leesburg before.

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  1. I think Lightfoot has veggie fare. It's a great place overall, imo.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. While there is only one vegetarian entree, there are vegetarian appetizers, soups, and salads. I think it would work. Again, thanks.

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        Had a very mediocre meal at Lightfoot this past weekend. And considering the downtown-DC prices, I can't recommend it. They had exactly one vegetarian choice on the menu.

        My last meal at Tuscarora Mill was a couple of years ago for lunch, but I remember it being decent (but also expensive).

        There's just not much in Leesburg worth talking about, unfortunately. Consider driving in to Reston...

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          We had mediocre service to start a meal once. I talked with the maitre d' and everything was fixed. The food for us has never been off, but I understand it can be at any given time.

      2. Thai Pan is a great Thai restaurant. I really enjoy the curries there and there are quite a few vegetarian options depending on how strict she is (fish sauce, shrimp paste, etc might be a factor). It looks a little odd from the outside since it's attached to a gas station but it's really quite nice inside. Everyone I've brought there has been pleasantly surprised.

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          We don't need fancy. This sounds good. I'll ask my husband to run this past her. Thank you.

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            If you end up going, please let us know how it was! Hope you have a nice night.

        2. We just had a nice meal at the Wine Kitchen, don't know how veggie friendly it is, but they seemed very nice and accommodating when we were there.

          1. Angeethi has an outpost on Rt. 7 just East of Leesburg. I have not eaten at that location, but their Herndon location offers an extensive menu of Indian dishes with plenty of vegetarian options. 5 Vegetarian apps, 13 entrees, plus all the breads, so your guest will not lack choices.


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              Angeethi is also a favorite of ours and it's easy to eat vegetarian at an Indian restaurant. Plus, tons of parking!

            2. How casual will you go? A few suggestions:

              1. One of our favorite smaller places is very casual, called Mamma Lucci's. It is Italian-Middle Eastern-Greek. Set up in a mini strip mall off Catoctin Circle. Family owned (wife is Italian, hubbie Egyptian, both usually in house).

              Boss could easily make a meal of excellent veggie appetizers, or they have a veggie pizza, or veggie calzone.

              They are one of our regular casual dinners out places, we have been going for years. Not a place to impress, but you definitely have a nice dinner.

              2. La Chosita

              Also very casual, a tiny place next to the county government center. Central American. Yummy plantains with crema, fried yucca, other sides that would combine to make a veggie meal. Roasted chicken is delicious.

              3. Fireworks Pizza

              Wood fired, lots of tasty variations, maybe this is the noisiest place I'd recommend, if you come on a weekend.

              4. Tuscarora Mill (called Tuskie's by regulars)

              Next door to the Fireworks, not sure of their veggie offerings but a nice real dinner place.

              5. Aiyara Thai

              A nicer decor spot that has good Thai food. Lots of veggie options here.

              6. Palio (Italian)

              Nice and tasty Italian bistro. Right around the corner from Lightfoot. (I used to like Lightfoot but it has seemed off lately).

              1. Assuming that you want a good meal at a quiet place in Leesburg, you don't have many choices. It's pretty much Lightfoot, Palio or Tuscarora Mill, All have above average food, nice decor, sound levels that allow conversation, and above average service. None will blow you away with food quality or imagination, but you'll get a good choice of pretty good food.

                Lightfoot & Tuskies have standard American fare, while Palio has northern Italian (a bit overpriced). All are set in nice old buildings.

                Blue Ridge Grill and Firebirds are also pretty good & more casual, but may be too noisy for conversation.

                If you're looking for gourmet food, you're out of luck in Leesburg.

                Leesburg, for it's size, is quite short of even decent restaurants, with the exceptions of the above. Mostly chains, with some pretty awful local places.

                Other suggestions in this post seem ill suited for a dinner with a boss, and range from pizza places to downright poor (Mama Lucci & La Chosita).

                1. BlueRidgePro, you are making some assumptions and I tried not to make any. Poster specifically said it didn't need to be fancy, and with that said there is nothing wrong with Mama Lucci or La Chosita. Also poster said this is a former boss, so no need to impress.

                  Not everyone wants to pay the price for a Tuskies or Lightfoot.

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                    After all the effort you guys put in, we got a call saying she was actually in Sterling! We ended up going to "A Taste of Burma," but if we are in Leesburg, we will definitely check out Mama Lucci or La Chosita. They sound delicious.

                    Thank you for all the advice. I am hoping to make it out there one day, so it will not go to waste.

                  2. Timothina, I hope you enjoyed Taste of Burma. We like it, had a family birthday dinner there not long ago.