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Nov 12, 2013 05:31 PM

Wild Argentine red shrimp

Just a heads up - these shrimp are available as a Wagjag deal again this week. 4 lbs. for $39. They're really tasty, large shrimp - I bought some last time they came up on Wagjag and was really happy with them. Made myself swear off farmed shrimp for being tasteless and rubbery and grown in appalling who-knows-what conditions so this is a good find. Have no idea if they are better from an environmental standpoint but flavour and texturewise, definitely superior. And the price is good too.

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  1. What or Where is 'Wagjag' in Toronto?! How do we order or buy the shrimp?!

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    1. looks promising.

      the last wild frozen brand available was from President's Choice, but alas it was discontinued.

      Only bad thing are the inconvenient pickup locations for Toronto.

      I wonder if the scallops offered have been water injected?

      1. I this is only my second time ordering from Wagjag so I'm no expert. But the process was straightforward and pickup was simple, although it required a drive to Oshawa for me.

        But now I m having buyers regret. Further googling reveals that trawling for shrimp is an environmentally dodgy process. There's quite a lot of "by catch" which are then thrown back into the ocean dead or dying. This includes a lot of sharks and other species. And here I thought I was making a more responsible seafood decision by avoiding farmed shrimp. Argh.

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        1. re: Nyleve

          We've ordered Ontario Pork Ribs, Chicken filets, Beef Back Ribs, Prime Roasts, Ground Chicken over the years and have always been very, very happy. My only caveat is to watch for origin as they try to hide behind terms like proudly Canadian to fool you. WagJag expressed in writing to us that they are not responsible for any claims made by the producer. Nor are they responsible to denote country of origin. Wagjag sucks that way!

          1. re: chowfinder

            Right. I'm not really tempted by the meat deals, never mind the price. I can get good quality meat locally and, as you say, easily determine origin etc. But the shrimp caught me. Waiting to hear back from biologist son as to environmental cost of this particular seafood before buying any more.

        2. Are the shrimps shell-on or shell-off?
          For those of you interested in sushi-grade ones, Taro fish on Sheppard had them last week. 'Head and Shell-on'!!

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