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Nov 12, 2013 03:39 PM

Honolulu Dive Crawl

Your best recs for burgers, hot dogs and pizza, please. No chains. Back streets and dives preferred. Many thanks.

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  1. murphy's- irish pub
    vlounge- pizza

    shoot, what's the name of the place next to lucky belly?

    underdogs in iwilei/dillingham (don't go if there's UFC that night)

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    1. re: macsak

      DEF V-LOUNGE for pizza. perfectly fits the dive bill and the pies are impeccable (kiawe-wood burning oven, neopolitan style, high quality ingredients).

      If you are in waikiki, i still love the (polish) dogs at Hula Dog (formerly puka dog)....served with your choice of tropical mustards and relishes its def a unique one. extra good after a couple drinks.

      not divey but highly recommmend the burger at SALT in kaimuki. 1/2 lb hawaiian beef and fantastic ingredients/toppings. happy hour it starts at 8 bucks plus a buck for each topping (at bar only). lots of nice happy hour nibbles here.

      1. re: fatstern

        when did they start having the burger at happy hour?
        the one time i went for happy hour, the menu was totally different than the rest of the place and was rather disappointing

        1. re: macsak

          burger's been on there as long as i can remember. The happy hour menu is def totally different...its more little snacks than any sort of entree (except for the burger)...a small cheese course, edamame "guac" and housemade chips, southern fried jidori chicken (with some wonderful gravy or spiced syrup), spiced nuts, kim chee grilled cheese, fried fingerlings, maybe some other stuff (things rotate too)....i think its all pretty tasty for the price but nothing like the main menu, which is also available at the bar. also have a small set of 6 dollar cocktails. enjoyed a grapefruit margarita recently...

          1. re: fatstern

            They just won best dive from the Hale Aina's.

    2. JJ Dolan for pizza (downtown by Hawaii Pacific University's fort street campus)
      Downbeat Diner in Chinatown
      Hank's Haute Dogs on Coral Street, Kakaako for hot dogs (try Portuguese Hot Dog for something different)

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      1. re: honu2

        downbeat diner- that's the one next to lucky belly!