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Kosher Caterers--NY/NJ/PA--Modern with a twist?

We're planning for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah and are looking for caterers in the NY/NJ/PA area who are willing to do something different and FUN with a modern presentation. Glatt is a must as is a willingness to do a number of different stations for variety, as opposed to a sit down meal. Would love a caterer who is open to a variety of ethnic food stations! Any ideas would be much appreciated (not Prestige or Main Event although we've been to lovely affairs catered by them in the past). Thanks!

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  1. Lederman Caterers sounds like exactly what you're looking for - but they're on Long Island. You would have to call them. I've been to many of their parties - they're extremely capable of what you are asking for.

    1. Try caling Citron and Rose (PA- Philly-ish area) If you may want dairy they do that extremely well too:)

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        Have you used them for catering? We put a call out to them but never heard back.

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          I have not used them (yet) I'd try making a second call- things happen.

      2. I have only used them for a shul kiddush, but even that was significantly different than the "same old, same old" that I am comfortable recommending Gemstone Catering for your needs. Take a look at their website and/or Facebook page to see if it looks like it would work for you.

        1. Thanks so much! Some of those are on our list as well. Lederman sounds great but I'm not sure they'll shlep all the way down to where we'd need them to in NJ.

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            Is Josh's Place still catering? I liked their work.

          2. I was at a very extravagant Shabbos bat-mitzvah Kiddush a few weeks ago by Petak Caterers in Fair Lawn, NJ, and it was really delicious and beautifully displayed. They had nice mix of unusual salads and hot foods, as well as the traditional stuff.
            This was the first time I've been to anything by them so I can't say they're consistently good, but this time they were very impressive.

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              I have been to a few affairs of different types catered by them. They do a consistently nice job. I got a quote from for my son's Bar Mitzvah and wanted to use them. It came to a lower quote from someone else. My husband made the decision.

            2. Gemstone catered my wedding in Berlin, NJ. Great to work with and food was amazing and different.

              1. Was at a weekend bar mitzvah that was catered by Michael Schick. All I can say is WOW !! Everything was delicious , tasty and beautifuly presented.

                1. What about Colbeh? They cater both onsite (on Long Island/Queens) and offsite.

                  1. We recently used Celebrations Kosher Catering at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Their food is delicious and very innovative. Beautiful presentation as well.

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                      Thanks! They have an amazing menu and we're checking them out as well. Any other feedback would be great!

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                        They are Mauzone. Their chef and some of their staff cater at Ocean Place resort in Long Branch for Pesach. They do a wonderful job ,presentation excellent , food plentiful and delicious ,quality top notch. I would definitely recommend them.

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                          There are actually 2 different caterers--Celebrations by Mauzone (who we've used and really liked) and Celebrations Kosher Catering, based out of Lake Hiawatha, NJ.

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                            we've used Barclay (Phila) for 2 BMs --owner is Steve Hellinger -- food was always delicious; many menu chaoices..my son wanted a michig lunch b/c he loves bagels and lox and we had that plus blitzes, french toast, delicious danish and cakes etc. he also did a fleshig dinner for us years ago. very nice to work with and no "hidden" charges.

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                        Jaknny, can you share your experiences with them? And is this the one based out of NJ?