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Nov 12, 2013 03:13 PM

Places around Dunsmuir and Hamilton

Any places around there that are reasonable? One of the members of our party is suggesting Moxies. All reviews make it sound horrib.e Same price point though

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  1. How far is too far and is there a type of cuisine you are looking for? Also lunch or dinner? Off the top of my head and probably within a 10 - 15 minute walk:

    - Back Forty (BBQ) is at Robson & Beatty
    - Homer Street Cafe (Rotisserie Chicken) is at Smythe & Homer
    - Tsuki Sushi Bar is at Abbott & Pender
    - Nuba at Hastings & Cambie
    - Meat & Bread at Hastings & Cambie
    - Tuc Craft Kitchen is at Abbott & Cordova
    - Dirty Apron Deli / Cafe Medina / Chambar is at Beatty & Dunsmuir
    - Yolks Food Cart is at Beatty & Dunsmuir

    1. Thanks for the speedy reply. We've opted for Tuc Craft Kitchen.

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        No Problems, just glad you didn't eat at Moxie's. How was your meal at Tuc?