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Nov 12, 2013 03:11 PM

Lark Creek at Fashion Island

Took one for the team. This place is just flat out boring and the food is mediocre. The menu just sounded appealing and I have eaten at many other Lark Creek establishments but man what a let down. For the price you pay, the food should at least be above average. I will say though that the service is great, no complaints there.

I guess the concept is farm to table food, emphasizing local fresh foods. Well, the food was fresh, but wow was it either boring or bland.

I started out with the shrimp ceviche, which the shrimp were cooked perfectly. But it was more like a shrimp salad than a ceviche and the flavors were just boring, with cherry tomatoes and avocado in a lime vinagrette. No complexity what so ever. Also to note that this was the waiters suggestion.

For my main, the fried chicken sandwich was something right up my alley and the homemade hot sauce sounded pretty appealing at the time. This had to be the major letdown, it was just so bland. The coleslaw was barely noticeable besides a bit of sweetness and the fried chicken had no flavor. Even the hot sauce was bland and not hot. The chicken was not crunchy but the inside was cooked nicely and very moist. Side of green beans and black eyed peas were boring as well.

Anyone else been? Thoughts?

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  1. Couldn't agree more. We went there shortly after it opened and were so non-plussed I cannot remember anything we ate. Nothing was special, but I do recall saying that it was very expensive for a very mediocre meal.

    1. ...and I got all excited when I saw you had posted an OC review. What a letdown after the first sentence.

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      1. re: jaykayen

        If you read the menu, it sounds great and then you get your food....

      2. Eternal thanks for taking one for the team. Fashion Island is on our Black Friday agenda, so it's good to know we should avoid Lark Creek.

        1. Hope the outlet planned in Malibu fares better. The locations up north were good to me.

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          1. re: Sgee

            Hopefully Malibu has better luck. I too have had great success with the Lark Creek places.

          2. I also went there shortly after it opened, and was underwhelmed. I had the whole grilled shrimp. Good, but not nearly good enough to warrant the review that Brad Johnson gave it in the Register.