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Baldanza's Bakery in Beachwood, closed for good?

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A month or two ago we were in there for bread and the display cases were empty. They said they lost their baker but were still selling bread. Now when I drive past it looks closed up. I thought they had contracts with local sub shops/pizza places/schools and that would've kept them going. No local bakeries left. Sad.

Anyone hear anything?

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  1. It's been closed and boarded up with "no trespassing" signs for several weeks. I haven't heard anything about why.

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      Too bad. I was hoping it was temporary. I'm guessing LaScala is going to get alot more business this holiday season.

      Thanks Njchicaa.

      1. re: Jerseygirl111

        Ill miss it.....used to love to sit there with a coffee and delicious danishes......sad

    2. I loved the rye and marble rye bread.

      1. There seems to be some signs of life. The other day when I drove past, the dumpsters were loaded up with ripped out drywall and lights were on inside. Here's hoping!

        1. They are renovating right now, Mr Baldanza is renting to new tenants. From what I heard bakery and more deli items to be served!

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            Hooray! Good news. I must agree that place needed some updating.

            If the Italian bread is good, they will come!

            I am dying for a good roasted pepper/fresh mozzerella sandwich.