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Nov 12, 2013 01:34 PM

Butter vs vegetable oil

So many recipes for muffins and quick breads call for vegetable oil. Can butter be substituted? Everything's better with butter, isn't it?

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    1. Not a BIG baker, but pretty sure butter/margarine/shortening choice makes a different in cookies.

      1. You can sub butter in most quick bread recipes but the texture may be slightly different. Butter also has some water in it, which should be accounted for by reducing other liquids slightly.

        1. < Everything's better with butter, isn't it?>

          It depends, but I do agree with you. For muffins and quick breads, I think butter is better. For other things such as Chinese bao (buns), oil or lard is probably better.

          1. I read the thread, but didn't find the answer for a related question. I think Alton covered it once.

            Why oil and NOT butter in a chiffon cake?

            Let me google that for me.

            I found this, but still don't get why it's a moister cake.

            Maybe this

            "The high oil and egg content creates a very moist cake, and as oil is liquid even at cooler temperatures, chiffon cakes do not tend to harden or dry out as traditional butter cakes might"

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              Butter cakes are comparatively dry because room temperature butter is much more viscous than room temp oil. You need to heat up butter to get it to flow like oil. In the mouth, when you chew on the cake, a room temp butter cake will taste drier because of this lack of lubrication. I am happy to eat room temp oil cakes. A butter cake needs to be toasted or nuked to get it to feel moister.

              I don't know why, but butter cakes also definitely harden more after a couple of days.