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Nov 12, 2013 12:24 PM

small green tomatoes

A coworker brought in some small (ping-pong to golf ball sized) green tomatoes. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with them.
I'd rather not go purchase more ingredients, but am typically well-stocked with staples.
Do you think that I could "oven-fry" them? I do like the idea of fried green tomatoes, but trying to be healthy and hate the mess of numerous fry batches.
Also considered a chutney or relish, but not sure what to serve it on or with.
Any ideas welcome!

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  1. Make a green tomato salsa--just substitute the green tomatoes for the usual tomatillos. A salsa verde (again, subbing in the green tomatoes) is really good over chicken enchiladas.

    1. Have never made (or even tasted) pickled green tomatoes, like you see in good delis. I'm sure they're probably easy to make.

      1. Oven frying works great- this recipe is similar to what i've done:

        1. I love oven-frying or pickling green tomatoes!

          1. Leave them out to ripen on their own. They'll turn red in a couple of weeks and then you could use them like you would a ripe tomato ... salads, pizza, sauces, etc.