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Nov 12, 2013 12:11 PM

What would you LOVE as a midnight snack @ a wedding? [Do you even want one?]

If you need one at all.

My fiancee and I are wavering on this (borderline obnoxious) trend....

First off- we're not of any ethnic or cultural background that necessitates a midnight buffet.

We're putting out a great buffet dinner (not plated for logistics and budget- > 300 people)- with a plated & served salad course + dessert.

We're going to be starting the party early- by 9, or 9:30. Then we want a rager going until 2am.

We (think) we want to put out something sweet or savory around 11. Usually- our families do a sweet table [we're thinking a dufflet cake bar]...but since we're serving a dessert. Maybe people want variety?

Some other ideas we've seen and/or are thinking of:

1. poutine (meh. three times I've seen it done- all three times, execution was sort of poor- and these were from great caterers)
2. waffle bar (see double dessert issue)
3. loaded nacho bar- we're worried about the messiness of this
4. trinidadian doubles (we're west indian)

Our venue is the Toronto Reference Library. We would prefer not to do a food truck because people will leave- and we DON'T want to lose the party vibe...

Midnight snack- overrated?

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  1. Best midnight snacks I've had at a wedding : gyros and loukamades at Paramount. Might also consider pizza, depending on your caterer.

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    1. re: prima

      We were thinking pizza! but are worried it's too heavy... our dinner is BIG- think goat, chicken, shrimp, etc etc...

      and beef & pork are out :( [hindu + muslim guests]...

    2. We looked into doubles for our wedding snack table and checked with Drupatis to cater it. They advised against it since pre-made doubles would get soggy in they could be potentially messy to eat at a wedding.

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      1. re: clive

        Thanks for the heads up...our other west-indian pick is Randy's Patties on cocobread.

      2. What would you think of a cheese/bread/fruit platter?

        1. Schwartz's smoked meat table

          1. Spinning off of pizza, what about Turkish pizza? There are lots of great options via diet restrictions, and a little bit different and lighter than regular pizza. Also easy to eat! You could even see if the caterer can do west Indian spicing? Could be neat and haven't seen it at an event yet.