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What would you LOVE as a midnight snack @ a wedding? [Do you even want one?]

If you need one at all.

My fiancee and I are wavering on this (borderline obnoxious) trend....

First off- we're not of any ethnic or cultural background that necessitates a midnight buffet.

We're putting out a great buffet dinner (not plated for logistics and budget- > 300 people)- with a plated & served salad course + dessert.

We're going to be starting the party early- by 9, or 9:30. Then we want a rager going until 2am.

We (think) we want to put out something sweet or savory around 11. Usually- our families do a sweet table [we're thinking a dufflet cake bar]...but since we're serving a dessert. Maybe people want variety?

Some other ideas we've seen and/or are thinking of:

1. poutine (meh. three times I've seen it done- all three times, execution was sort of poor- and these were from great caterers)
2. waffle bar (see double dessert issue)
3. loaded nacho bar- we're worried about the messiness of this
4. trinidadian doubles (we're west indian)

Our venue is the Toronto Reference Library. We would prefer not to do a food truck because people will leave- and we DON'T want to lose the party vibe...

Midnight snack- overrated?

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  1. Best midnight snacks I've had at a wedding : gyros and loukamades at Paramount. Might also consider pizza, depending on your caterer.

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      We were thinking pizza! but are worried it's too heavy... our dinner is BIG- think goat, chicken, shrimp, etc etc...

      and beef & pork are out :( [hindu + muslim guests]...

    2. We looked into doubles for our wedding snack table and checked with Drupatis to cater it. They advised against it since pre-made doubles would get soggy in transit....plus they could be potentially messy to eat at a wedding.

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        Thanks for the heads up...our other west-indian pick is Randy's Patties on cocobread.

      2. What would you think of a cheese/bread/fruit platter?

        1. Schwartz's smoked meat table

          1. Spinning off of pizza, what about Turkish pizza? There are lots of great options via diet restrictions, and a little bit different and lighter than regular pizza. Also easy to eat! You could even see if the caterer can do west Indian spicing? Could be neat and haven't seen it at an event yet.

            1. If I'm still hungry at midnight, I generally want protein rather than carbs -- something where a smallish volume is going to make me feel more fed, since I've probably already overeaten that day.

              What about chicken wings? Too messy? Maybe from Duffs, though they don't deliver, so you'd have to arrange for a cab or a wedding coordinator to go pick them up.

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                I went to a wedding recently that had a fabulous cheeseboard at around 11pm. Between the home-brewed cider, the dancing, and the cheese, the room ended up being pretty stinky but it was delicious!

                That being said, at that time of night I don't think you need to go too high-brow. Pizza sounds good to me.

              2. Personally, I don't need a midnight snack if there was enough food at dinner (unless the party's still going at 2 a.m.). But I was at a wedding recently where they did pizza, and honest to god, it disappeared in the blink of an eye. You really can't go wrong with pizza.

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                  I'm planning a wedding next year and my finance and I were thinking about the midnight snack options too... i think the pizza idea is safe, you can make it vegetarian or vegan (by omitting the cheese)... it'll taste good warm, hot out of the oven or even at room temp...

                  also if you wanted to add a sweets option do some cookies, brownies, or squares to complement the wedding cake (if your'e serving it at that time too) or cultural desserts or homemade desserts... i've also seen chocolate fountains as a big hit as well

                  i went to a wedding that did the midnight porchetta/roast pork carving for sandwiches WITH pizza and a selection of sweeets/pastries and i recall more people went for the pizza

                2. It seems like the midnight snack is definitely a popular trend now. Most of the weddings I've been to over the last year or two have had them. As a guest, it's a welcome treat even though I'm usually pretty full still. But I'm greedy haha

                  The best snack I've had was at Graydon Hall Manor because it was executed so well. They had mini sliders, mini grilled cheese, fish and chips, etc. Everything was piping hot and just really delicious. I think the food being hot was a big factor. They were also passed around by wait staff which was nice because it kept the party on the dance floor

                  At other venues, I've had mini pizza, sliders, poutine, popcorn, grilled cheese, sandwiches, veggies and dip, cold cuts, etc.. The pizza and sliders usually go over well and taste okay cold still. The poutine and grilled cheese got soggy and aren't appetizing cold. Popcorn was good too but messy. The rest were kind of meh/not exciting. I generally prefer savoury over sweet so don't usually touch the sweet table

                  If I were having a midnight buffet, I think I'd choose something that would still taste okay sitting out in case ppl don't eat the food right away. I like the randy patty idea but not sure how they are cold - that'd concern me

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                    We're going to keep them warm/bake them before serving- in the ovens. The venue has a full catering kitchen. Then we'll have our serving staff pass them around on trays- inside sleeves so that people never have to leave the dance floor.

                    We're thinking of adding in some coco bread...but that seems to be a tradition that doesn't translate well. A lot of people look at me funny when I say you put the patty IN bread. lol...kinda like pizza in a bun.

                  2. I've been to a few weddings with a midnight snack. For me personally, it's too much food! By the time the cocktails are done, you sit for a multicourse meal with wine, once dessert is done, I can't touch the wedding cake! I'm just too stuffed. After some dancing and more drinks, food is the last thing I can think about! But that's just me. I've seen many party guests cue up to have midnight snacks!

                    1. Roast Pig/Porchetta..., not even a question! Can't believe it hasn't been said

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                        They specify no pork or beef for cultural reasobs

                      2. Get a tray of jalebi's from King's Palace. Around the corner from the ref library

                        and coffee from balzacs!

                        1. I'm surprised so many Chowhounds are calling this a trend. Any receptions I've attended over the last 30 years that have run past midnight have had a midnight snack or a 'midnight lunch'. Most Prairie weddings I've attended have had a midnight lunch, that is usually a cold buffet of rolls, pickles, cheeses, cold cuts, which I realize won't work for the OP.

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                            Perhaps it's a cultural item? In my culture and within GTA area, it's only recently that food is presented near the end of the wedding. With my Portuguese and Italian friends, food is in abundance at midnight. I remember the first wedding I attended that had a seafood buffet at midnight... I think my eyes grew wide as I saw the spread.

                            I personally enjoy great tasting food regardless of time frame. So my suggestion is to not present near the end 'just cause everyone does it' but rather would YOU like it and also would it hold up being presented late at night? I've had lousy poutine which leaves a bad impression (figuratively and taste wise) at the end of the wedding.

                            My most favourite late night snack encompasses sweet and salty. I was recently served freshly fried chicken and yeasted waffles. Oh my goodness... it was so good late at night. It wasn't the world's best rendition I had but it was the best chicken I've had at any large event.

                            Another one that I enjoyed was fresh out of the oven giant large chocolate chip cookies. This item holds well, it's easy for any caterer to do freshly, and it's not too messy.

                            1. re: prima

                              Oh man does that take me back to younger (and drunker) days in Winnipeg - I had totally forgot about the Prairie cold cut platters!

                              Nowadays, however, I usually feel the midnight snack is a bit over the top if the meal was decent to start with.

                            2. I have seen McDonalds burgers and cheeseburgers be brought it at a wedding I attended. Those went fast, alcohol and McDonalds burgers = HUGE HIT!
                              PS. Love the doubles idea – toyed with this idea for my own wedding actually but we would have to find another source to get them in so we ended up using our caterer and did poutine (just OK) and sliders (popular!)

                              1. Wedding=lots of alcohol

                                You could do Mac n' cheese with panko crusted chicken fingers..served with different sauces..bbq/ranch/honey mustard..
                                Deli sandwiches of turkey and cheese on pretzel rolls, chips.
                                Meatballs..lasagna..garlic bread
                                Nacho bar or chicken/cheese enchiladas with rice and/or beans..with cold Mex beers and then bring in the mariachi band.

                                1. We did McDonald's cheeseburgers and fishburgers (halal considerations) and they were totally crushed in 15 minutes. People loved them, we served it in silver platters. Fried Chicken or doubles also sound like awesome ideas. You want something that will hit the grease+salt+sugar midnight spot.

                                  1. Gelato stand! Hire Il Gelatiere or Simply Italian or whatever your favourite place is.

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                                    1. re: Crispier Crouton

                                      Ooo! That sounds like such a good idea. I've seen that Hotel Gelato does catering too.

                                    2. Going to have to go with the majority and say McDonalds.

                                      I remember eating them with Mark McEwan at a wedding, and him commenting that, at that hour, no product he produces could compete with what was in his hand.

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                                        Haha, that's a great story. I'm surprised nobody inserted a MM joke in here yet.

                                        1. bagels and cream cheese

                                          1. How about a shrimp tree with cocktail sauce ?

                                            1. Most fun midnight snack I had at a wedding was chicken wings in a few flavours (hot + jerk + sweet mango) plus lamb sliders.
                                              The answer to the question is easy...
                                              Just ask yourself - it's Midnight or 2 am and you've been partying/drinking, what do YOU want to eat?
                                              Gelato? Waffles? Seafood?
                                              You want grilled meat! :-)
                                              Go with sliders, wings, mini shawarma, jerk, tacos, burritos, etc. or go crazy and have Bahn-Mi Boys do some amazing mini sandwiches or Chinos Locos do Asian Tacos & Burritos!

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                                              1. Samosas, spanakopita, good cheese & crackers/baguette, pizza.

                                                1. late-night wedding buffets are notorious to be party killers. People stop to eat and the party ends. Which could kill your plans for a rager till 2 am.

                                                  1. I think you can generalize from a lot of these replies (filtered through my own bias):
                                                    - protein
                                                    - salty (like bar food)
                                                    - finger food, not too messy.

                                                    I think that suggests, pizza, sliders (burger, bbq, etc.), maybe fried chicken drummettes (not a messy as buffalo wings)

                                                    1. Mr. Vuitton and I had a sweet table, with some of our respective ethnic sweets, wedding cake, and a few other cakes, fruit and coffee. It was a hit.

                                                      1. i like sliders & pizza