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Nov 12, 2013 11:59 AM

Where to get sourest sourdough bread in Austin?

Where can I get the sourest (or at least very sour) sourdough bread in Austin? I find that most of the so-called sourdough breads I've tried in Austin and elsewhere really aren't all that sour. Admittedly these have all been big brand labels I have found at supermarkets, which may not be a good representative sample of what's available.

I'm not opposed to buying from any of the chain grocery stores in town if that's where the best option is.

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  1. I've read (but haven't tried it) that the sourdough at San Francisco bakery is pretty good but I'm not sure how sour it is. They'd gladly let you sample though, nicest restauranteurs around. Just behind the theater / next to Cover 3 on Anderson.

    1. The bread at Gusto is pretty sour. Not much to look at, but it had a bite to it.

      1. The ex-bakery, Flour, had the best sourdough around. But they closed on Labor Day - a victim of their own success - so that information doesn't help you.

        Easy Tiger's breads are pretty good, but not up to Acme Bread standards.

        1. I've been on the hunt too - so far the best I've found is at Randall's, believe it or not. They have a San Francisco style sourdough in their bakery that is easily the closest thing I've found to the commonly available sour dough I had growing up in California.
          Sometimes it's perfectly tangy, and really hits the spot, other times it's a bit less so...and lately it's been hard to find at the Randall's I usually go to - William Canon and MoPac...still, haven't come across anything better yet...but I'll keep looking.

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            Have you tried Sweedish Hill Bakery or Texas French Bread? All their bread is awesome.