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Nov 12, 2013 11:43 AM

Foodie restaurants in mexico city during christmas holidays

Visiting Mexico city from 25th Dec - 28th Dec. This seems like a bad time since most acclaimed restaurants seem to close for the holidays.

I had the following on my short list but they are all closed from dec 21 - 1st jan

- Pujol
- Biko
- Quintonil
- Izote (closed for good)

Any ideas on restaurants that would be open during this time, still not sure about these ones
- Dulce Patria
- Azul condensa
- Jaso
- Paxia

Do lunch menus differ from dinner menus? It seems like lunch is the most important meal of the day for locals.

Really looking for avant garde cuisine..

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  1. Some restaurants have not yet announced their holiday schedules. I'd give it a couple of weeks.

    You should know that Jaso is not a Mexican restaurant, although it is a marvelous high-end restaurant for sure. The husband/wife chef combination both graduated from CIA Hyde Park.

    Dulce Patria sounds more like what you are looking for in the avant-garde line.

    Azul/Condesa (note spelling) isn't avant garde, but it is also a do-not-miss, if it is open while you are in the city.


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      I know Pujol is closed for sure during our visit. Is Biko and Qunitonil usually closed as well during the week of christmas? Based on what my hotel concierge informed me, it appears to be the case.

    2. Of the second four I would call Paxia the most avant-garde. Daniel Ovadia is very playful and experimental, if that's what you're looking for. You can look through the photos on Foodspotting to get an idea:

      But they're all good options, provided they're going to be open.

      1. Avant garde cuisine would be my preference but hey if these places are closed, I still gotta eat to survive :) What are the other must-do places in mexico city that leave a lasting impression? Definitely looking for some taco recommendations. Do lunch menus vary significantly than dinner menus given that lunch is the most important meal of the day for locals?

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          Where are you going to be staying?

          Apart from Pujol and Paxia I can't think of anything especially avant-garde, sorry. A few more top restaurants that come to mind: Contramar, Merotoro, Máximo Bistrot, and El Cardenal.

          You'll definitely want to get some tacos al pastor and El Huequito is the place to do it IMO. El Califa is another great spot for tacos.

          Should you have the inclination for tortas, there's Eno in Polanco -- gourmet sandwiches by Enrique Olvera of Pujol fame, located right next to it. I hear the breakfasts are really good too. In Coyoacán there's a great torta place, L'Encanto de Lola. They're not typical Mexican tortas but they are really, really good.

          If you're down that way try to get to Tostadas Coyoacán in the mercado. Some of the best tostadas anywhere.

          1. re: Soul Vole

            Thanks Soul Voie for your recommendations. We will be staying at Le Meridien off of Paseo del la Reforma

            1. re: amolpan

              You'd have to check to see if they'd be open but I love the San Angel Inn and Hacienda de los Morales and they would be beautiful for Christmas! Not very avant-garde though

        2. Any opinions on Sud 777 (‎


          It was voted #36 in Latin America's top 50 list

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          1. re: amolpan

            Haven't been myself but I've heard good things, and that might be considered in the avant-garde direction.

            The chef, Edgar Nuñez, has a new food truck that he parks near there, Barra Vieja. It specializes in seafood tostadas and they are outstanding.

            Speaking of food trucks, they've really taken off in Mexico City this year and every couple or three weeks now there's a bazaar. The one we went to was a lot of fun with really excellent food, great variety. If that's of any interest keep an eye on @FoodTruckBazar (sic) on Twitter.

          2. I noticed Porfiro's Polanco open on Xmas for dinner. The menu looks like contemporary modern Mexican. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? This may interest Amolpan.

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              Porfirio's is an upscale cantina... Thing a lot of places are doing these days, like La Número 20. It's decent, but I'd describe it as a restaurant like a Houston's - clubby, solid food, they'll give you dominos to play, but menu is basics like Tampiqueña and sopa de fideo.