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Nov 12, 2013 11:10 AM

looking for Boston based food/wine events or classes to get as a gift

Hoping to find something fun for my mom for the holidays and thought a wine class or something along those lines would be nice. Any one have recommendations of places that offer classes/events? In DC there are loads of wine bars that have rotating events but I am not familiar with similar places in Boston. Thanks

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  1. check out formaggio kitchen, sofrabakery, and caponefoods.

    1. A second for Formaggio! And I've been wanting to go to Sofra's but haven't been. Dave's Fresh Pasta also has classes that are supposed to be great.

      The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts has very popular classes.

      You can also find dinners with semi-educational wine pairings at L'Espalier, Spoke (I think), and others.

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        Cambridge Culinary is excellent. We've taken a few classes there that were fun and informative.

      2. what a great idea! another thought is to give her a coupon for an afternoon food tour of Chinatown and/or the North End. run by Michelle Topor. they have been well recommended over the years.

        1. My wife and I did a private cooking class with Mark at, which he will tailor to your preferences. Highly recommended. He does group classes too.

          1. Jody Adams does cooking classes at her restaurant in Cambridge, Rialto.